Summary: If we say we know God, our affections will be toward Him and what He loves.

I. Family Distinctions (verses 12-14)

Written in a poetic, repetitive form; probably for emphasis

A. Little Children - teknion (tek-nee’-on) - An infant, that is, (plural figurative) darlings (Christian converts):—little children.

1. Denotes young converts

2. Also can be young children

B. Fathers - pateôr (pat-ayr’) - Apparently a primary word; a “father” (literally or figuratively, near or more remote):—father, parent.

1. Older in the faith

2. Well-grounded; mature of age

C. Young Men - neaniskos (neh-an-is’-kos) A youth (under forty):—young man.

1. Growing believers; Learning to walk in victory (overcome the wicked one)

2. Usually from 20 – 40 years of age.

D. Little Children (2) - paidion (pahee-dee’-on) A childling (of either sex), that is, (properly) an infant, or (by extension) a half grown boy or girl; figuratively an immature Christian:—(little, young) child, damsel.

1. Immature Christian; Recent Convert

2. Babes in arms to toddlers

II. Forewarning of Division (verses 15-16)

‘Love not the world’

A. World (kosmos)– world system that is influenced by sin and Satan

B. We cannot love God and the world at the same time (James 4:4)

C. Universal effect of lust

1. Lust of the flesh

2. Lust of the eyes

3. Pride of life

III. Forecast of doing God’s Will (verse 17)

A. Contrasted with the world

B. Continued forever

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