Summary: All are guilty of sin, this message points out that God even knows the hidden sins of our hearts and calls us to repentance.

Thou art the man!

II Samuel 12:1-14

January 25, 2004

Parkersburg Baptist church

We all know this story. King David looked down on Bathsheba while she was bathing and desired her.

He got her to come over, they committed adultery and to make a long story short, plotted in the end to kill her husband and he succeeded.

There are some points that I want us to look at in this story that apply to us today as Christians.

The first of which is found in verse 7—God said to David, “I anointed thee king”.

Folks, we as Christians have been anointed by the blood of Jesus Christ to be joint heirs with Him and to rule with Him for all eternity in the eternal kingdom to come after the second coming and Armageddon.

We are on our way to the white house so to speak. And we were elected long before all these candidates out there decided to run for the presidency. We were elected (predestined) before the beginning of time.

God goes on to say in verse 7 that he delivered David out of the hand of Saul.

Saul was David’s mortal enemy. Satan is our mortal enemy. He desires to destroy us. He walks the earth as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

Satan hates Christians as much as he hates God. He will do everything in his power to destroy us and our relationship with our Savior.

Yet God has delivered us from our enemy with the precious blood of the lamb.

Jesus—God in the flesh shed his precious blood on Calvary to deliver us from our enemy.

Preacher—with everything I am going through right now, I believe I have been delivered into the hand of my enemy.

Let me tell you something this morning. That is exactly what the devil wants you to believe. He wants you to think that God has delivered you into his hand.

He even wants you to believe that God has forgotten about you or just doesn’t care anymore.

But bless God—he sent Jesus out of love so you could have eternal life—eternal deliverance.

And I believe that the love that God so loved the world with is an eternal love that is just as strong for you today as it was nearly 2000 years ago on Calvary’s mountain.

God has not forgotten about a single one of his children and if you are a Christian that includes you. If you are not a Christian, well then you are not a child of God.

God has not under any circumstance delivered you to the enemy no matter how bad life may seem right now. You are delivered through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

How can I get through this preacher? Pray, persevere, and point your heart towards God.

Run the race that is set before you with patience or endurance fixing your eyes upon Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith.

Turn to the Lord in your trials and tribulation. Seek God’s face no matter how much face you think you have lost.

Look to him—for no matter what you are delivered and no matter what hell on earth you endure, it won’t ever compare with the hell you’ll spend eternity in if you don’t know Christ as your Lord and Savior.

The Deliverer has delivered you once and for all at the cross of Calvary and Christians don’t you forget it!

Not only has God anointed us and delivered us but let’s look at what else He has done for us.

In verse 8 God says “I gave thee thy master’s house.” He rewarded David’s allegiance to Him by giving him Saul’s kingdom.

For us today He has done one better—Jesus said, in my Fathers house are many mansions, and if I go to prepare a place for you I will come again that where I am there ye may be also.

Folks he is not giving us a mere earthly kingdom. He is giving us a mansion prepared by His own hand in the house of God Almighty.

Each one of us has been given a mansion by the Master of the Universe.

We gain all these benefits at the moment of Salvation. Then What?

We go on our merry way—thinking—OK, I’ve got it made now. I can do whatever I want and not have to worry about a thing,


Look at what God said in verse 9. “Wherefore has thou despised the commandment of the Lord to do evil in His sight?

Now God is saying two things here. First—you knowingly sinned. You despised my commandment. You went against my orders. You did what you wanted to do without regard to what I said you could or could not do.

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