Summary: Though hand join in hand means no matter how tight the cooperation may be, no matter how smart they are, no matter how cleverly they are concealed, no matter the walls they have built, no matter their technique of hiding, no matter the kind of meeting the

The title of our message this week is, “Though hand join in hand.” I would like you to read it very carefully because it addresses the root of man’s problem and the reason why many people are going through one ordeal or another. Proverbs 11:21 says, “Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished: but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered.”

Though hand join in hand means no matter how tight the cooperation may be, no matter how smart they are, no matter how cleverly they are concealed, no matter the walls they have built, no matter their technique of hiding, no matter the kind of meeting they have held, no matter the agreement between them, the wicked shall not go unpunished.

When sin is the driver, you can be 100 per cent sure that shame is at the back seat. The worst enemy of man is his sinful heart propelled and fueled by Mr. Flesh.

Sometimes, sin hooks a man in the process of trying to obtain something he does not have, when he is afraid that he may lose something he already has. I want you to understand that there is no small sin. When you come to the service and disturb others from concentrating, you are a sinner. There is no small sin. The consequences of what you may consider as a small sin may be immeasurable. If you are sinning because you want to make some profit, you are wasting time because you cannot profit by sin, it is impossible. Anything you gain from sin would be taken back from you by sin. And you would pay back with interest. Sin is like a small child playing with a snake, the child may find the snake very beautiful and interesting. But the snake only remains interesting as long as it has not done its worse.

Everyone has power to choose his or her sins but nobody has power to chose the consequences of those sins. Every sin has a consequence and punishment assigned to it. So, once you commit a sin, punishment is automatic. And when sin enters, it will cause the cup of joy to leak. Therefore, as soon as the seed of sin is sowed, judgment is sure. Unfortunately, the Bible says, “…One sinner destroyeth much good” (Ecclesiastes 9:18). The sin of one person can bring tragedy to many. Everybody in the boat of Jonah would have been killed because the Lord was not ready to negotiate with him at all. Perhaps you are the Jonah in your family. That is you are the reason why waves and storms are blowing across your family. Perhaps God has brought you up to do something there which you have neglected and since you are not doing the will of God, the evil and mad wind of life is blowing against your family.

People make a mistake by thinking that sin is judged the way it appears. Sin is not judged the way you see it, but the way God sees it. And when God wants to start His judgment, where He would start may be very strange to you. For example, when God wants to judge the sin of an armed robber, He would not start and end with the armed robber alone. He could begin His judgment with the mother of the armed robber who was a fornicator or an adulterer. From there, He could move to the person who was selling him Marijuana, and from there to the woman who had the bar where he was drinking pepper soup and alcohol and from there to the person who introduced him to robbery. So, God packs so many people together when He begins to judge a sinner. He will not judge according to your opinion. You may say, “In my own opinion, I don’t think what I have done is that bad, after all everybody is doing it.” You may be very wrong because you might have caused more harm than anyone else who did it.

The repercussions of the same sin committed by two or more different people may be completely different. For example, if God ordains a sister to be a prophetess and decrees that through her shall be a seed that shall save Africa. And that sister commits only one abortion to remove that seed, the repercussion of her sin would be greater than some women who will do twenty abortions because their seeds would have been for a different purpose.

Prices of materials may rise and fall but the wages of sin remain the same. The Bible says, “The wages of sin is death.” (Romans 6:23). The most expensive thing in the world is sin because for the purpose of sin, God allowed His own Son to be killed. Many people are now becoming new sinners. There are new sinners every day; academic sinners, intellectual sinners, brainy sinners, psychological sinners, etc. But there is no new sin. Sin is still the same.

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Ewurum Chinasa Ejike

commented on Sep 5, 2021

This topic is so interesting that if believers could read very well some of us will not be a victim of deliberate sinner's. I thank my father in the Lord for opening my eyes the more over repercussions over sin.

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