Summary: Today as we study Lev 16, we will stroll through the art gallery of the word of God. And as we look upon the walls, we will see 3 masterpieces, 3 great works that bring to life the power and the purpose of the day of atonement.




The apostle John, wrote in his Gospel, "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life".

And that same apostle in the book of revelation writes in Revelation 13:8 that, Christ the lamb of God "was slain from the creation of the world".

Before God even created the world, Before He set the stars in place, Before He breathed the breathe of life into the nostrils of man, God knew that Mankind would fall, He knew that mankind would sin and rebel against Him. And knowing this, God planned and God set in motion, the means for mankind’s redemption, through the death and atoning sacrifice of the Lamb, His Son, Jesus Christ.

And that plan would dramatically unfold throughout the years of human history, and at just the right time, at just the right moment in human history, God came and dwelt with man, to make atonement for, and to redeem fallen men. The world in Palestine 2000 years ago was ripe, it was ready and it was prepared for the coming of the Lamb of God, like no other time before or since.

Today, we are going to study, The Day of Atonement, that is described in detail for us in the 16th chapter of Leviticus.

In this chapter, God the master painter, takes out the canvas, the paint, and the brush of His Word. And, as He skillfully blends the colors, that make up this masterpiece, the words of the 16th chapter come to life on the canvas. And as He dips His brush, for that last and final stroke of red, the heart of God is heavy, and a tear rolls down the cheek of the Almighty God, as the colors, as the shadows, and as the images on the canvas, tear at His heart bringing to his mind, the great suffering that His own Son would one day endure.

Today as we study Lev 16, we will stroll through the art gallery of the word of God. And as we look upon the walls, we will see 3 masterpieces, 3 great works that bring to life the power and the purpose of the day of atonement.

[Leviticus 16:1-10, 15-17, 20-22]

In this text we will see painted for us in the power of God’s Word, 3 great pictures.

I. The first picture that we come to is entitled, "The Great Priest", and it is a Portrait of Christ our mediator.

As with all the pictures that we will look at today, we will first look at the picture, in the shadow of the Old Testament. After which, we will pull the picture off the wall and enjoy, it’s full beauty and glory as we examine the painting in the light of it’s New Testament fulfillment.

A. The crowd slowly gathered, they were quiet, they were reverent and a little afraid, as they gathered around the tent of meeting.

This was the great day of Atonement, this was the day that God Himself had appointed, this was the day when Aaron their High Priest, would be their Mediator, When Aaron their High Priest would stand between, God and the people. On this day, (7th month 10th day) atonement would be made for their sins. This Atonement provided the way (by removing their sin) for the people to be AT ONE with God.

Moses brother Aaron was the high priest, He was the one chosen to be the mediator, chosen to stand between God and the Israelites. Even though this was without doubt, a high and honorable position, Aaron was allowed to go into the Most Holy place, Only once a year, on the Day of Atonement.

The Most Holy Place was located behind the thick veil in the tabernacle. And it was in this room that the Ark of The Covenant was kept. And on top of the ark of the covenant made of Gold was the Atonement cover with 2 angels on top with their wings folded down bowing towards the center of the cover.

And above that center was a cloud in which dwelt the presence of God.

Only Aaron the High Priest could enter here, and He only once a year. Can you imagine how Aaron must have felt as he slowly walked through the Holy place (passed the table of showbread, passed the golden lamb stand, and finally passed the altar of incense) and then with head bowed low He walked passed the thick veil, And Now He was in the Most Holy Place, The Holy of Holies, And he turned and there right above the ark of the covenant was the very glory of God.

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