Summary: (Devotional Series 9/50)


Prov. 6:6-24

(Devotional Series)

Three of people are described in these verses, and we will consider each in turn.

A. The Sluggard (9)

Have you ever seen an ant taking time off or asleep? It always seems to be occupied in some important business, always energetic and active. So, says the writer, we must be on guard against laziness and too much sleep. We must find out just what we need to be at our best physically, spiritually and mentally.

B. The Sinner (12-19)

Do you notice how, in these verses, almost every part of the body seems to be infected? The eyes, the feet, the fingers (13), the tongue, the hands (17), the heart (18). This is because sin is like a disease, beginning in the heart, at the center of our personality, and spreading to every corner of our life, affecting all we think and say and do.

C. The Son (20-24)

A good son is guided by his father’s instruction; and that, too, ought to be mark of God’s children. His commandments must be closely kept (21-22) and constantly used (23). Keep them as you would keep a precious jewel, close to your heart; use them as you would use a flashlight, to show you the way along a darkened street or passage.

Prayer: O Lord, help me to learn from the busy energy of the ant how to be actively engaged in Your service.

Keynote: "Go to the ant..."

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