Summary: The Choices that SHE made caused her attitude to change as well as her outlook on life

Three (3) Reasons Why Naomi Went From Sweet To Bitter

Ruth 1:1-22


This book opens with a famine, and closes with a great feast.

This book begins with a funeral, and ends with a wedding.

Matthew Henry’s Commentary says…

<>We find in this book excellent example of faith, piety, patience, humility, industry, and loving-kindness, in the common events of life. Also we see the special care which God’s providence takes of our smallest concerns, encouraging us to fully trust therein. We may view this book as beautiful, because of the natural representation of human life; as a curious detail of important facts; and as a part of the plan of redemption.

But let’s look and see how this story unfolds for Naomi

1. Naomi had her priorities in the wrong place; vv.1-2 read

* They were wrapped up in the fact that Moab had more going for it than did Bethlehem-Judah. (greener grass)

* They were looking to the world to provide for them, instead of God himself.

Elimelech names means: My God is King

Even though his named stated that God was in control, Elimelech still wanted to take control of his provisions for his family instead of God.

* It took a removal of the men in her life to get back to the place where God could be her King and where

He could use her for His glory.

* History tells us that women of that time were totally subject to the husband. They went and did all that the husband bid them to do.

1. She was submissive to him while he was alive and free upon his death.

2. She buried her husband, and set a course back to Bethlehem-Judah.

* It was only after that the “head” of the house was out of the way that she made up her mind to head back home.

* If it was up to Elimelech they may have never came home, and they all would have died there in Moab.

* We can not see the plans of God in all that He does, and we tend to find ourselves upset with what he does.

1. We must remember that our today is His yesterday, He knows what we are going through and what we are going to go through for His God, all knowing.

Isaiah 55:9 says;

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

* We must completely understand that God is in FULL control.

* And when we get out of His will WE will pay the price for it, not Him.

1. Chose to sin choose to suffer.

2. When God is telling us “don’t” He means don’t hurt yourself.

* Our priorities must be in the will of God.

1. He is called Jehovah-Jireh; “the Lord will provide” for a reason

2. She lowered the standards of God for their own needs Vs.4 read

* The first thing they did was NOT allow God to provide for them.

* They tried to provide for themselves.

* They married of the women of Moab.

* They dwelled there for ten (10) years.

1. How long will we set in a place that is causing us hardship or causing our fellowship with God to


* God was not happy with the people of Moab, for they would not allow the passage of the Children of Israel, and for that God himself

* And because of this, when they took them wives of Moab He was not happy with them.

* When you are out of the will of God you will find yourself doing things that your not suppose to be doing.

1. In Deuteronomy 7:1-3 and 23:1-3 He gave clear directions to the Children of Israel of who to marry and who not to marry.

* The world will offer you it all; even places that you know you are not suppose to be a part of.

*Although it looks good, smells good, and even tastes good, it will not be good for you if you’re out of the will of God.

* They married the women of Moab named;

Orpah, meaning double minded

Ruth, meaning beauty

3. She blamed God for her situation Vs. 13, 19-21 read

* It is easy to see the things going on in life and want to blame someone, when it is your very own fault for the situation you’re in.

* She said that God has dealt with her.

* My friend it’s the choices that you have made that have put you where you are


* You have no one to blame but you.

* What I like is that someone has told Ruth about God.

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