Summary: From this encounter with Jairus and the sick woman, we learn three things about Jesus: (1) No one who comes seek Jesus will be ignored; (2) No situation in your life will ever be a problem to Jesus, and (2) He always respond to your faith.

Look at how Jesus treats people. Here we have a miracle inside of a miracle!

Again we see two apparently hopeless situations.

• Again Mark highlights to us Jesus as the Hope of the Hopeless; the Help of the Helpless.

• The problem is not the ‘problem’ (sickness, difficulty…). Jesus can tackle the most desperate situation and bring restoration and life.

• What is needed is faith in Him!

We learn THREE significant things about Jesus – it helps us put our faith in Him!


Whether publicly or in secret; Jesus treats all the same - with compassion

Matt 7:7-8 7"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

We have here two people at opposite ends of the spectrum

• One is religious, the other as unclean

• One a synagogue leader in Capernaum (very prominent position); the other a despised woman, who is sick for 12 years!

(Despised because generally people would shun her, anyone having contact with her will be ceremonially unclean, Lev 15:25-33)

• Yet they both have the same response when they meet Jesus.

The way Jesus sees people and the way we see is very different.

Jesus did not give greater respect for Jairus because of his social status.

• Or give priority to this man (because his request was urgent), and overlooks others.

• He could have simply walked on, yet He stopped.

• The woman’s need is equally important.

We tend to give priority to VIPs – those more learned, with status, fame, wealth.

We are all equal in Jesus’ eyes – equally important.

• This woman’s need was just as great as Jairus’ need.

• Every cry is a cry worthy of His attention.

• Every grieving heart is one grieving heart too many!

Every soul counts. Every one is precious. We have to see people the way Jesus sees them.

• We are VIPs to God. Isn’t that really comforting?

When President Wee Kim Wee passed away, we see in the News on TV a Malay, despatch rider, overcome with emotions. He was touched by his concern for him. He said, “He is like a father to me.” We understand that. When a VVIP treats us with such honour, we’re touched.

How much more with our God!

• He looks after you the same way He looks after the prophets in the OT.

• He listens to your prayer the same way He listens to Elijah’s prayer.

• He cares for you the same way He cares for Paul.

• No one is more special than the others.

We may be different in many ways – different gifts, talents, education background… but we are equal in His eyes! Isn’t that wonderful? We have His full attention when we come to Him.

LET US SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY AND COME TO HIM! Just like Jairus and this widow.

Two very different people who came to Jesus – watch them – amazing similarity:

• Jairus, a synagogue ruler – 5:22 he ‘fell at His feet’

The sick woman – came to Jesus and 5:33 ‘fell at His feet’

Both acknowledged Jesus as someone very different, they recognised Jesus for who He is.

Else they would not have come and asked for something miraculous!

Listen to what they say:

• Jairus asked, “Please come and put your hands on her so that she will be healed and live.” 5:23

• The woman: “If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.” 5:28

Both had great faith in Jesus – they believed and expected the miraculous from Jesus!

They differ from the crowd.

• The crowd followed Jesus – many to see a show – a healing show.

• Some for the great fanfare – a parade, a carnival-like atmosphere - man performing miracles.

• We read often that among the crowd were religious pp who were out to find fault with Jesus

Learn from them – don’t follow the crowd. Come and ask from Him!

• One is an open request – publicly, the other a quiet one in her heart.

• Both weren’t simple requests – they ask for miracles.

• Only with FAITH can one make such bold requests. Both were rewarded – in miraculous ways!!!

HOW DO YOU SEE JESUS TODAY! Do we see Him the same way these two persons see Him? Are we more like them or are we the crowd.

So come to Jesus and you’ll find that He treats everyone a VVIP.

Someone once asked, “Will I not be an anonymous believer among the millions in heaven?”

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