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Summary: Thanksgiving Emphasis or other. Powerful Message of How we can be thankful most of all for Jesus The Way ,The Truth, The Life. Help from Satans Detours, Saved by Simple Details, Safely Delivered to heaven

Threefold Thanks John 14-5-6

We have much to be thankful for.

Just a handful of some of the things we can be thankful for : Love, Peace, Freedom, Strength, Eternal Life and more…

But above all else we have to be thankful for… it is Jesus that we can most… give thanks for.

He alone is the way to God.

In John chapter 14 we find what I call a threefold reason for giving thanks.

We can give thanks because

I. God is our help… in keeping safe… from SATAN’S DETOURS

We can give thanks because

II. He has Saved us through SIMPLE DETAILS

and we can also can be most thankful that

III. God will Safely Deliver us home.

In John chapter 14

Jesus and His disciples are talking in the time just shortly before Christ will go to the cross and Jesus tells them He is going away to prepare a place for them and the obvious question by one of Jesus’ followers is asked by Thomas who asks in verse 5

5 … "Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?"

6 Jesus answered, (saying) "I am the way… and the truth… and the life.

No one comes to the Father… except through me.

Above all else we have to be thankful for, it is Jesus that we can most give thanks for.

There are so many ways we can be thankful for Jesus but perhaps John chapter 14 and verse 6 best helps us appreciate our Savior.

Jesus said in verse 6

I am THE WAY,… I am THE TRUTH …and He said I am THE LIFE.

Let us all remember how valuable that is to each of us…

You see without the WAY -..there is no GOING

And without the TRUTH -…There is no KNOWING

And without the LIFE there really is no LIVING.

Let me ask you this morning and I am hoping for a response from you…

I want to ask you…

Jesus said I am the way….ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR THE WAY?

We ought to shout and sing and say GLORY TO GOD, Hallelujah Jesus Christ is the WAY TO GOD.

Jesus did not say I am “a way”…He said I am THE WAY.

He alone is the way to God.

I don’t care who you are or where you have been or what you have done.

God wants to show you the way.

It does not matter if you have a problem with profanity, pornography or sexual promiscuity God has a way for you and the way is Jesus.

It does not matter if you are a drunkard, a drug attic, or just drowning in a sea of lies you tell every day…God has a way for you….Jesus is the way.

No matter what direction you have been going God reaches out to you with arms of love and says over here…Here is the way…the only way …it is JESUS.

Now most of us are THANKFUL for the way but there is one individual in particular that does like care at all for the way…

Satan wants to detour everyone of us from the Way….from Jesus

If this is not something you have thought about recently I want you to think about it with me today and that is we can be thankful that

I. God is our help in keeping our WAY safe from Satan’s Detours

Jesus is the way

He is not only the ONLY way to salvation but He is the

to a happy home

,He is the way to

to a happy marriage,

He is the way

to healthy relationships

and He is the way

to satisfaction of spiritual hunger

Jesus is the way but if Jesus is the way then who do you think is the head honcho of detours.????

SATAN….is the King Ding Dong of detours.

God says here is a way for you….

Satan says ya but look over here and look over here and check out this route over here.

1 Peter 5:8 says that Satan is like a roaring lion looking for those he might devour.

I want to assure you that Satan is the D.O.D. the Department Of Detours.

He wants to get your marriage of route.

He wants to get your family of course

He wants to get your integrity and your witness and your work for the Lord going down the wrong path.

Some of you have seen that happen in your life BUT GUESS what here’s good news JESUS IS THE WAY BACK.

Satan wants to detour all those things in your life….but most of all Satan wants to get your relationship with Jesus Christ off course.

Rest assured that there is a way….a path that God is leading you on every day of your life and if we follow Jesus every day then we will walk in the way and we will be blessed and life will be good.

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