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Summary: If God brought you through those Wilderness experiences, don’t you think he is capable of bringing you through the Depths as well? Read this sermon...



By: James W. Bryant

Currently assistant pastor of the Dillon C. H. Church in Dillon, SC

You can contact James W. Bryant @

Pphone: 843-774-7961


Psalms 106: 9

(9) He rebuked the Red sea also, and it was dried up: so he led them through the depths, as through the wilderness.

The children of Israel had previously been in bondage for 430 years. Now God delivers them out of Egypt. He leads them towards the Promise Land all through the Wilderness. But just as they come out of the Wilderness, they find an even greater obstacle yet ahead. “The Red Sea.” With all they had previously faced, they had a hope that perhaps the worse was over. Yet, here they are now, facing the greatest test yet. “The Red Sea.”

Many Christians go through this same pattern. They are Freed from the bondage of Egypt; (Salvation). They are led to and through the Wilderness and are delivered; (Trials/Temptations). And just when things appear to take a turn for the better, they come up on the “Red Sea.” Now some of us, have been there. Some of us, are there. And some of us, are headed there.

The children of Israel had their difficulties. Once freed from Pharaoh, they found the wilderness to be a tough road. It wasn’t an easy walk once loosed from their slavery. In fact, in some ways, they had it worse. (Now the enemy was pursuing them.) The Christian today has his/her difficulties. Being freed from sin does not ensure a life filled with no pains. Heartaches come; Troubles come; Tough Times come. But now, God had a plan in all that the Children of Israel faced. And in all of our difficulties, there’s a plan for us as well…

Now then, The children of Israel had been all through the Wilderness. They were delivered time and time again. But now here they are facing their toughest challenge. And from this challenge, I find 3-difficulties.


Now don’t miss this… It was not an enemy that put the sea there, but it was God…. All too often, the Devil is given credit for what God is working out for us in our lives. And God has his reasons for allowing many things to come into our lives. The Red Sea represents a test of faith for every Christian. And no one is exempt. Each of us at one time or another, need to expect a Red Sea to come unto our lives. Let me say; If you have not faced a Red Sea yet, well then you will! It’s coming! Get ready for it! Sometimes it may occur in Business, but could as easily come from somewhere else. We may have gone through some Wilderness experiences, but nothing compares to those times facing the Red Sea. Listen; Your Wife leaves you - Your child becomes sick - Your Job/Career ends - Your Loan falls through - Your Husband becomes Unfaithful - Your Bank account depletes - Your Doctor tells you that you have a Cancer - Your Home is destroyed by Fire - Your Dad is killed in War - Your Stocks for Retirement all plummet down to nothing - Your Mother develops Alzheimer’s - Your Spouse tells you they don’t love you anymore! I’m simply saying: All of us go through Wilderness experiences only to come Face to Face with a Red Sea! If you haven’t faced a Red Sea yet, get ready, because it’s coming…. The Children of Israel faced such a time. Here they were facing the enormity of the Red Sea.

Now there was ONE REASON.., And ONLY one reason why the Children of Israel were so concerned of the Red Sea. It was because;


I see the Egyptians here as “Past Sins.” The Children of Israel had no sooner thought that their troubles were over when the Egyptians were seen, coming up behind them. Listen; Just because one comes to repentance, that doesn’t mean that the Old-Man-Is-Dead. The Devil is going to be after you! He’s still out there! He’s still trying to get you to do those things that you know that you are not to do!

Folks we are to keep moving forward! We do not have to sin! There’s always another way! Philippians 4:13 says; “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” So quit looking behind you and doubting yourself and realize that you can make it! Keep moving forward and stop looking back!

The third difficulty was perhaps the worse.


As soon as they saw the Egyptians coming they began to cry out and murmered against their deliverer. The faint heart, is the-worse-enemy-a-Christian-can have. It will cause unnecessary hardships to one’s life. (loss of sleep, high blood pressure, headaches, ulcers, etc.) I hope that you understand as you read this message today, that when we stand firm in our Faith, we can Boldly stand before any Red Sea! We need not allow our hearts to become faint! Nothing can turn us back if were looking up! Hasn’t God delivered you before? Well, he will do it again! And if God brought us through the Wilderness, surely he will bring us through the Depths! It’s when our Faith is weak that we are then bullied by the Slightest Circumstances. But just remember, the same God that brought us through the Wilderness, will bring us through the depths… “THROUGH THE DEPTHS, AS THROUGH THE WILDERNESS”

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