Summary: Jesus was filled with joy and this inner joy came from His relationship with God the Father through prayer. Prayer and inner joy are linked together because prayer opens a door to the presence and guidance of the Lord.

Opening Video: Selah “We Must Not”

Sermon: Find joy in the journey through prayer!

Scripture: Romans 12:12 “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Thesis: Jesus was filled with joy and this inner joy came from His relationship with God the Father through prayer. Prayer and inner joy are linked together because prayer opens a door to the presence and guidance of the Lord.


A few thousand years ago a man appeared on this earth – He brought change to a depressed world – He instilled love – He gave hope in hopeless situations. He created and distributed a joy that has impacted billions of people – what He had was unique – the religious leaders did not have it – the Romans did not have it – but He had it and others wanted it. People today still want it – many are looking for it but it is only found in this person. He did remarkable miracles, He taught astonishing truths and He even healed the multitudes. He walked on water and even calmed raging storms. He set people free from demonic spirits. He had noble character yet was also associated with fisherman – he had personal charm and uttered such wise things people followed him by the thousands. He baffled the elite and appealed to the regular everyday people with His words. He loved the unlovable noticed the ignored and rejected of society.

Many communicate about how special He was, many even do that today in our society – His name is spoken somewhere in the world every second – I am told. He has been known to appear to people today in dreams and visions - He has sent His Spirit to communicate His timeless message to our world today. Some hear it, others reject it, but it still presses forward. Many say He had a secret – but what was His secret? It was the secret which transformed the Roman Empire and many empires too. He was and is unique just look at how we measure time.

Wirt states, “The secret of Jesus was and is His inner joy.” Would you agree with his statement?

The New Testament repeatedly reveals this secret about Jesus – He had inner joy like no other and it was expressed through His relationship with God the Father. This joy has spilled over into many other lives. His joy has a contagious element about it – but were did His inner joy come from?

Think about this - He owned no material possessions, He had no home, He roamed the country side and slept outdoors – no office to go to work in – no church building to worship in – He dealt with rude angry religious people every day who hated him – He faced off with demons and people needing healing daily. Yet He had an inner joy no one could quench! A joy that others wanted and sought after – were did His joy come from?

Let me say it again, “It came from His relationship to God the Father through Prayer!”

His inner joy came from a healthy and whole soul – a soul connected to God the Father – a soul that desired to honor God and not please men. A soul that was radiant because of His consistent prayer life!

Bruce Marchiano (the actor who played Jesus in Matthew) described Jesus soul condition:

Yes, Jesus smiled; yes, Jesus laughed. Jesus smiled wider and laughed heartier than any human being who has ever walked the planet. He was young. He radiated good cheer. The real Jesus was a man of such merriment, such gladness of heart, such freedom and openness, that He proved irresistible. He became known through Galilee for His genuine strength, the sparkle in His eyes, the spring in His gait, the heartiness in His laugh, the genuineness of His touch, His passion, playfulness, excitement, and vitality: Hi Joy! He made a dazzling display of love. He set hearts afire. He was an elated, triumphant young man with an incredible quality of life…so different from the solemn religious types He constantly encountered” (Wirt, Jesus man of joy page 22).

Jesus spread His joy many ways – He did it through worship, praise, prayer and service to others.

Jesus in Luke 10:21 stated, “At that time Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit, said, “I praise you Father.” He praised the father for using the 72 who He sent out to minister to the people in need! They went out ministered to the people in need and returned filled with joy because lives were touched – their joy filled Jesus up with joy!

Stop: Did you hear what I just said “Their joy in serving and ministering to other people filled them with joy and Jesus with joy!” Joy is contagious – God wants to spread the joy!

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