Summary: A sermon the phrase in the Model Prayer "Thy Kingdom Come" along with prayer points for the church. (Material adapted from Phillip Keller’s Book "A Layman Looks at the Lord’s Prayer" and another unidentified source)

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Sunday evening service for 8/23/2009

Thy Kingdom Come- Matthew 6:10 a


What kind of Kingdom has Jesus? No castle nor palace has he. No congress nor parliament sitting, deciding what laws there will be. Perhaps he has need of but two laws: Love God and your neighbor as well. To obey them is all that is needed, as all of the saintly can tell. He has neither army nor navy; no air force to guard the frontiers to keep out the strangers unwanted and maintain the enemy’s fears. Immigration he seems to encourage, of some quite disreputable, like fishermen, publicans, sinners. To such he is hospitable. It seems there’s no revenue service or taxes we must calculate. He surely cannot run a kingdom on what we put into the plate! No 1040 form comes in April to fill out before the 15th, with penalties charged for nonpayment, beginning upon the 16th. No currency’s here with his picture, no coinage engraved with his name. And where are the posters and slogans proclaiming his power and fame? And I see no trappings of kingship, no robes made of velvet and fur, no crown made of gold set with diamonds, to befit our supreme arbiter. Jesus said that his kingdom was really not what Pilate had thought it had been. It was not of this world. And its glory was not of the kind to be seen. For those of us here in his kingdom, there is one other thing we have known: of the kingdom around in his lifetime, it’s the only one left with a throne.


A. What is the Kingdom?

B. In the time of Jesus, His devoted followers and many others had real difficulty in comprehending the Kingdom of God. Most of them thought of an earthly Kingdom. The people of Israel were weary with the burdens and angry at the Romans. Some were convinced that Christ was going to be their new reigning King over an earthly Kingdom.

C. When Jesus Christ went to the cross, this concept of the Kingdom seemed impossible.

D. That they had misinterpreted His teachings was obvious. He often talked about the Kingdom but now it seemed so out of touch. After the resurrection, this idea came back into being. (Acts 1:6 NIV) So when they met together, they asked him, "Lord, are you at this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel?"

E. This was going to be a different kind of Kingdom. Many debate this concept of Kingdom. There are those who assert that “the Kingdom of heaven,” referred to in Matthew is different from “the Kingdom of God” spoken of in Mark, Luke and John.

F. Others talk about “the Kingdom of heaven” as some future Kingdom that Christ will establish here on the earth. Some say this is of special significance to the Jews.

G. Others talk about the “Kingdom of God” as the activity and outreach of the Church. I am inclinded to think that in our day this is the Kingdom. Not the buildings and structure of the church but the people who have surrendered and pay homage to the Sovereign, King Jesus.


A. God has given us a great privilege. The privilege is to be a part of His great work here on earth. God wants to accomplish great things in the lives of Christians and He wants us to be a part of it!

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