Summary: "Christ the King" Sunday sermon

Jesus Christ is both Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end. From Creation to Consummation Christ is both central and critical. And He is to be Celebrated! Christ is to be celebrated because He loves us. Christ is to be celebrated because He cares for us. Christ is to be celebrated because He saved us while we were yet sinners. From the rising of the sun until the setting of the same we are to praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For He rescues us when we are lost, redeems us when we are saturated in sin and restores our broken relationships with God.

He is Lord! He is Savior!! And He is King!!! This is Christ the King Sunday and make no mistake about it … Christ is King of an already present but not yet fully realized Kingdom! The Kingdom of God is at hand and Christ is large and He is in charge!

So it is my assignment this morning to encourage you to join me as we celebrate our Lord and our Saviour – Christ the King! So why don’t you turn to your neighbor, smile, shake their hand and say Christ is King! And because Christ is King every night I go to bed I pray Thy Kingdom Come! … Thy Will Be Done!! Thy Kingdom Come! … Thy Will Be Done!!

Our text today comes from the book of Colossians. Colossians pure and simple is a letter about the greatness of Christ. Apostle Paul wrote the church at Colosse because there were some dangerous heresies floating around that sought to diminish the significance of Christ Jesus. Some of the Colossians had faith in angels, some had faith in rituals, and others had faith in the latest and greatest philosophies of the day. I know it seems incredible that Christians would be so easily swayed into putting their faith in something or someone other than Jesus Christ. But, before you look too far down your nose at the Colossians need I remind you that we have some of the same heresies reeking havoc in our society today.

We don’t have to look around too long, too hard or too far to see people being led astray, tossed to and fro because they seek someone other than Christ to be King of their life. ‘Theology as articulated by Oprah may be the most popular theology in the nation right now but that does not mean it is sound doctrine. Contrary to popular belief God is both infinite and intimate so there is no way the god of Deism and the god of New Age philosophy are the same God who has been revealed to Christians by the witness of Scripture and the witness of Jesus Christ in the flesh.’

The God I know and the God I love … knows and loves me! He is not uninterested in our lives as Deist proclaim. God cares all about our troubles … He hears our humble cries …. That’s why as long as I live and troubles rise I will hasten to His throne.

Paul wrote the Colossians then and us now to clarify any confusion we may have over the centrality and criticality of Christ! Colossians was written to proclaim Christ is God in the flesh and the only one sufficient to save us from sin!

Point #1 – Rejoice we have been Rescued & Redeemed!

13He has rescued us from the power of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of his beloved Son, 14in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

When I was a child the most popular cartoon on Saturday mornings by far was Super Friends. Every week Superman, Batman & Robin, Aqua Man, Wonder Woman and all of the other characters from the Hall of Justice would rescue people from Lex Luther, Cheetah, Sinestro and the other Legion of Doom characters just in time. The Super friends used their powers for good whereas the Legion of Doom used their powers for evil. Now keep in mind they all had amazing powers they could fly, command the animals of the sea and use the latest technology to combat one another. Every week it would appear as though evil would prevail but just before the end of the show the Super Friends would get it together and vanquish there archenemies.

Well, I need you to understand that just at the right moment in history the LORD rescued all of humanity and creation itself from the forces of evil. He took us from the darkness of despair! … He snatched us from the depths of depravity!! and He saved us from death and destruction!!! … He moved us from darkness to the marvelous light of Christ Jesus.

Is there anybody in here who can remember when you were lost and Jesus rescued you if so you should rejoice! Is there anybody in here who can remember when you were trapped in sin and the Savior showed up and set you free if so you should rejoice! Is there anybody in here who can remember when Satan had you bound and the Lord delivered you if so you should rejoice! Is there anybody here that can remember when you were captivated by lust or held captive by greed and Christ set you free if so you should rejoice! As a matter of fact everyone under the sound of my voice who has been redeemed should rejoice! Let the redeemed of the Lord say so …

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