Summary: This sermon tackles the tough issue of God’s will in our lives.

Thy Will Be Done!

Golfer approaches the first tee

An attempt to answer the question:

“What is God’s will?”

1. What God’s Will Cannot Be!

God’s will cannot contradict itself

He can’t say one thing, and do another

What about war and murder?

What about getting drunk?

This is why the Bible is so important

This is the only thing God’s will can’t be

2. How God Reveals His Will to Us!

Will=strong desire, passion, heart

What is God’s passion, heart?

He wants you to know it

You might be surprised at how simple it is

(stolen from Max Lucado)

God reveals His will…

a. Through the People of God (1 Corinthians 12)

You all passed a stop sign today

Body gets its feelings hurt

Small group, Bible study, communion, dessert

That’s why Satan doesn’t want you in church

He gives you lots of excuses

b. Through the Word of God (Jn 1:13; Mt. 18:14)

God’s will is that people will be saved

Our task is to align with that will

Which of my options will bring more glory to God?

General v. Specific will

c. Through a Walk with God (Lk. 24:29)

A personal relationship

Being in His presence

How does so-and-so feel about adultery? (phone book)

Walk with God long enough & you will begin to know His will

d. Through the Fire of God (Lk 24:31-32)

God put a fire in us

Want to know God’s will for you

Answer: what ignites your heart?

What fire consumes you?

Heed the fire within


So what?

You want to know His will

He wants you to know His will

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