Summary: 1. Let’s look at the City. 2. Let’s look at the Church.

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Sunday, October 5, 2003

Title: Thyatira

Text: Rev. 2:18-29


1. Praise the LORD!

He hasn’t forgotten His churches!

He hasn’t forgotten His people!

He is still communicating...

He is still seeking a relationship...

He is still ministering...

He is still disciplining...

He is still chastizing...

He is still loving...

He is still encouraging...

2. I’m sure the Christians in John’s day were getting discouraged...

Those churches faced many challenges...

Just like the Churches of today faces many challenges...

but it encourages me to realize that God is still speaking to His churches...

He didn’t just ascend into heaven and then leave us to fend for ourselves...

He sent a Comforter...

His Holy Spirit...

And as a result, we can enjoy the sweet and blessed presence of the Lord...

Just like John did on the Isle of Patmos.

3. Let’s open our ears and our hearts and allow the Lord to speak to us through these letters...

just like He did about 1,900 years ago.

read text: Rev. 2:18-29


1. Before we actually look at the Church in Thyatira, let’s look at the city..

A. Thyatira

Modern Akhisar, which means "white castle" after some of the artifacts that were found there.

42 mi. inland from the Aegean Sea.

4th of 7 churches addressed by John

Militarily important in its own right

At times, was used by Pergamum to protect from SE

Other times it was controlled by Sardis and used to protect from the North.

Known for guilds of bakers, bronze/copper smiths, wool workers, potters, linen weavers and tanners and dyers of cloth.

Lydia, converted by Paul in Philippi, was a dealer in purple cloth from Thyatira (Acts 16:11–15)

B. Some of the architexture indicates that this was a commercial town...

but not a huge metropolis

(show other pics)

C. Thyatira was considered a holy city, and, they worshiped Tyrimnos;

they held athletic games in his honor.

On the early coins of Thyatira have an image of Tyrimnos on it

He is shown as a horseman, carrying a double-headed battle-ax

They also worshiped a goddess who was associated with Tyrimnos

she was called Boreatene

These gods had temples in Thyatire where they were worshiped.

Another temple at Thyatira was dedicated to Sambethe,

and at this temple was a prophetess,

by many people suppose to represent the "Jezebel"

of our text.

Not that her real name was Jezebel...

just that she was evil and sinful like the Jezebel of the OT (ISBE)

Today, the city has a population of about 20,000

and the people there are mainly Greeks and Armenians.

2. Now let’s look at the Church

A. As you will remember, Jesus revealed Himself in a more complete way to John

in Revelation chapter 1.

And parts of those descriptions of Jesus Christ shows up as He reveals Himself in a particular way to each church.

To the Church of Thyatira, He reveals Himself as He "whose eyes are like blazing fire and whose feet are like burnished bronze. Rev 2:18 (NIV)

And as we have seen with the other churches,

there seems to be a reason why Jesus revealed Himself this way to this church.

which we will talk about in a minute.

B. After Jesus reveals Himself, He compliments this church.

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