Summary: study in 1 Corinthians

Tightrope Walking

I Corinthians 10

1. Don't be ignorant of Israel - vs. 1-13

A. The witnesses: delivered, deceived, disciplined

B. The warnings: examine and escape

2. Don't be idolaters as Christians - vs. 14-22

A. It is impossible - vs. 14, 21

God or Satan NOT God and Satan

B. It is illogical - v. 20

Can a Christian honor the devil?

C. It is immoral - vs. 16, 22

Mock the sacrifice of Christ

3. It is insensitive to others

A. Do not offend the unbelievers by refusing to eat - vs. 26-27

B. Do not offend the believers by eating - v. 28


1) Does it edify believers? v. 23

2) Does it glorify God? v. 31

3) Does it testify to the lost? v. 33

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