Summary: This describes God’s desire that marriage is for life. Marriage is not something that is entered into lightly.


Introduction: The farmer and the divorce case story.

I. The Creation of Marriage

A. God brings Adam and Eve together

B. God places His stamp of approval on marriage- It is good

II. The Insitution of The Law of Moses Concerning Divorce Deut 24:1-4

A. What sin has done to the marriage relationshp

B. Did Moses recommend or command divorce?

III. God’s True Intent of Marriage

A. Till death do us part

B. God ordained marriage so only He can end it

C. Even in difficult situations He is there to help you

Conclusion: Marriage is a holy union. It is a relationship between the husband, wife and God. Marriage is a very serious thing. It’s not a sophomoric high-school puppy love relationship. It is a holy union instituted by God. The only adaptation to the original marriage law laid out by God is that the marriage union may be dissolved if there is infidelity. Although that is a very difficult situation, I truly believe that God would prefer that the relationship be reconciled instead of being dissolved. God is certainly a God of second chances.

Many marriage problems can be avoided if God’s plan for marriage laid out in the Garden of Eden to our first parents. For if God is lifted up, He will handle any difficult situation that comes to attack your marriage because the marriage union consists of three not two. If you are having problems in your marriage, go to God. He is able to fix any sitituation.

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