Summary: We all face mountains in our lives. The word of God shows us how to move them.

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Text: Matthew 17 : 19-21

Have you ever been to a place in your walk with the Lord where you hit a stand still.

Many times it may seem that our progress has stopped.

That we just can’t seem to accomplish what God has called us to.

The disciples had just met that point. (Tell the story)

Jesus reproved them in verse 17.

And then the thing they were attempting to do, was done, by Jesus.

The great thing about Jesus is that after rebuking or reproving someone He would then teach them.

Today as we continue in the series of Knowledge Is Power, we will learn how to move the mountains in our lives.

And the way in which we will accomplish this, is a lost discipline in the Church today.

That discipline is Fasting.

I. Isn‘t just praying enough?

A. Jesus said that this only happens by prayer and fasting. v 21

B. Sometimes just praying isn’t enough.

1. We pray and pray for things. ( Fire, renewed, health etc.)

2. We are living the way we should. ( Holy and acceptable)

C. Our Prayer reach the ceiling and bounce back.

1. James 5 :16 …the effectual fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much.

2. What is fervent? (praying through)

II. Why Fasting?

A. Simple answer because Jesus said it works. v 21

B. Fasting is afflicting the flesh.

1. Fasting cuts off the comfort zone.

2. Fasting focuses our life on the need.

C. We have become a society of instant gratification. Fasting takes that away.

III. What Fasting Accomplishes.

A. Fasting brings us to the throne of God.

1. In Pray we approach the throne.

2. In fasting we stay there.

B. Fasting humbles us. Brings us to our knees.

C. Fasting causes us to rely on God to sustain.

D. Fasting opens our spirit to hear from God.

IV. How Do We Fast?

A. Examples throughout the scriptures.

1. Moses, all Israel in I Samuel, Elijah, Ezra, Daniel, Jesus, Paul

2. The reasons varied from asking forgiveness to sorrow for Israel’s sin, to seeking wisdom and guidance from God.

B. As the reasons and occasions varied so did the methods.

C. The point of it all is that they went beyond just praying.

Conclusion: The need is still there today to move mountains. The question is will we?

The early church faced mountains and so do we. We know how to move them. Will we use this knowledge? Or reject it? It’s your mountain.

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