Summary: That is good that does us good

The words of Ephesians 4:29 and Philippians 4:8 admonish us to speak and think positive. I say, the opposites of the Phenomenal World divide into 2 categories, scientific opposites and moral opposites. The dry and the wet, the near and the far, the familiar and the unknown are examples of scientific opposites. Righteous and wicked are examples of moral opposites. Anyone who understands the Bible knows that the Bible does not separate scientific opposites from moral ones but it merges them together. The scientific meanings of light and darkness rarely or never apply to the use of those words in the New Testament. In the Bible holiness and uncleanness are opposites. If I asked you to read an English dictionary and write 2 lists of words from it : One list containing all the words you can find that have positive overtones (words synonymous with GOOD such as Blessed Brilliant Delightful Excellent Fine Glorious Honourable Joyful Kind Lovely Magnificent Marvellous). And a second list containing all the words you can find that have negative overtones (words synonymous with BAD) : Your lists would probably contain a much larger number of negative words than positive ones. Galatians chapter 5 contains a list of virtues and vices called the works of the flesh and the fruit of the Spirit. It contains 9 virtues and 17 vices.

Whenever you see or hear a word that has a negative overtone and you remember the word and its meaning, the process creates or contributes to the presence of negative engrams in your brain. That is the reason why NLP tutors advise their learners to avoid adverse company. Aristotle said : In every sphere of conduct people develop qualities corresponding to the activities they pursue. So to be unaware that in every department of conduct moral states are the result of corresponding activities is the mark of a thoroughly unperceptive person.

Christian songwriters and ordinary popstars can do much to improve the psychological well-being of other citizens. They need to write songs that are pure in content containing no negative lyrics. The following song adapts to the melody of Down at the cross where my Saviour died. I use it to induce a positive outlook on life.

Conclusive proverb : That is good that does us good.

George's pastimes and dear George's thoughts, George's wishes and dear George's hopes,

Are Beautiful, Excellent and Fine, Nice and Marvellous.

My life is Blessed and keeps me Happy, My life is Blessed and will always be,

I am well Blessed for the Lord loves me, Glory to my name.

Whatever thing I may say or do, Let it be Glorious and Magnificent.

Whatever thing I may say or do, Let it be Splendid.

THE WORK OF LOVE by George Warner (original version is a pop song called The Walk of Life)

Here came Mary mother of the Lord, Into this world she brought Him forth.

She was more fortunate than most, She got blessed by the Holy Ghost.

She's good and humble she's good and holy, As saint John might say.

Dedicated devoted, Honest and benevolent every day.

Mister Joseph only called her his wife, But to Jesus she gave life.

She done the work, She done the work of love.

Here came Johnny with the word of God, Preaching the doctrine of the Lord.

Working miracles brave and kind, In all kinds of weather whether hot or cold.

He's an apostle he's a disciple, As saint Paul might say.

Dedicated devoted, Honest and benevolent every day.

A male virgin without a wife, With the message of eternal life.

He done the work, He done the work of love.

JAMAICAN DESPACITO by George Warner (original version by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee)

Lord, Lord Jesus Christ is the name that the Christians say, El oh ar de Jay ee ess yoo ess. (TWICE)

Regg, Reggae music playing now inside my head, Reggae music sweeter now than jam and bread, Ar ee je je ay ee. (TWICE)

Despacito, This is how we sing it in Puerto Rico, Reggae music is not incognito, Here in Puerto Rico. (TWICE)

I just sing this way to please my high immortal Father, And my blessed brothers, And my loving sisters. (TWICE)

Play music in the morning, Play music in the evening, Play music all day long to get a happy feeling.

We can play music to get a happy feeling, And we can do it from morning till evening.

Get up Get up and come all way with me to the market, Get up Get up and come all way with me to the market.

Cannot take a car for there's nowhere for me to park it, But we can get some food in a basket.

Pesitta Pesitta, Reggae music sweeter, Running like a cheetah, Jumping off a heater.

Always be a winner, Winner and a prover, And I am Jamaica's number one chooser.

George Warner. UK mobile 07553 752196

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