Summary: Principles of testimony

Tips from the Truth for Testimony [Part I]

Although your personal testimony is most effective with those who knew you before you were saved, you can and should use your testimony to tell others ‘how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee’ regardless of whether they knew you before or not. God has performed a mighty miracle in your life and you are the expert eye-witness of these events, and you should be prepared to tell others of His mighty work that He has performed within your soul!

The Scripture gives plenty of guidelines for the effective use of your testimony beginning with the Jews in the Old Testament. In Exodus chapter thirteen Moses gave important instructions just after God had delivered them from Egypt during and through the first Passover. ‘And Moses said unto the people, Remember this day, in which ye came out from Egypt, out of the house of bondage’ Here is the first of these powerful testimony principles that we can use in presenting our personal testimony to others.

We must first of all ‘Remember the day…’ Now it is not important to know the precise day, month and year you were saved, but you should remember the event and approximate time it occurred! Anyone that has been turned from darkness to light, has been delivered from the power of darkness and translated into the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ must surely recall the day.

My wife was saved in 1969 while pregnant with our only son. She remembers the approximate time that her sister led her to the Lord on the phone after she asked questions about salvation, but she does not remember the specific day or month and that is not what Moses was calling for here. But, to remember the great deliverance of God, recalling the power of His great strength to save from sin, that is what must be recalled and emphasized!

Secondly, remembering the extent of deliverance from sin. The Israelites were in bondage to the Egyptians, working as slaves under forced labor conditions and so were you. Sin was and is a vicious taskmaster, but God by strength of hand…brought you out from this condition. He completely and miraculously delivered you from the bondage of sin, yes, He brought you up also from an horrible pit, out of the miry clay and set your feet upon a Rock…the Rock Christ Jesus!

Moses then told them of the blessings of deliverance/salvation. Even though this generation did not enjoy the blessings of their salvation because of their unbelief, ‘the land flowing with milk and honey’ was in fact just one of the blessings God promised to those whom He had delivered!

The saint can and should enjoy the ‘spiritual blessings’ in Christ as unfolded in Ephesians 1-3. There are at least two dozen eternal unchanging blessings that God gives his children as soon as they receive the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour! Look them up and savor the blessings of your so great salvation!

Next in line was the seven days of unleavened bread and then a ‘feast to the Lord’. This was and is the way the Israelites celebrate their deliverance from the bondage in Egypt. This time of remembrance and celebration continues to this day in the orthodox Jewish worship of God. And so, we too should celebrate our spiritual birthday with a great time of rejoicing for the great deliverance from the penalty and power of sin that the Lord Jesus Christ has performed in our lives.

Then Moses instructed them to share their testimony with the next generation. Here is the key to bringing others to the knowledge of salvation through Christ, especially our sons and daughters! Tell them what God has done, how he brought you out of bondage with a strong hand, emphasizing the power of the Word of God and it’s ability to save them too!

And finally, Moses emphasized the necessity of keeping these instructions and celebrating their salvation from year to year. This final emphasis of the yearly observance of their deliverance encourages us as Christians to let others know of when and how God saved us, gave us new life, transformed our families and promises us and eternity with him in Heaven!

If we analyze this section of Scripture and determine what we can use from it to give our personal testimony the first thing that comes to mind is Moses command to look back and remember where we came from, in fact the past, present and future are all included in this brief instruction concerning testimony.

And, that is exactly what we must emphasize when giving our testimony! Where we were and how we were in bondage before being saved, the way God delivered us as we put our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and repented of our sin, and then the present blessings of being saved, the eternal spiritual blessings and the promise of eternal life, and finally the future knowledge that we too will go to the ‘Promised Land’ called Heaven for eternity. Now that’s it in a nutshell, but you must personalize the details using these three foundations, the Past, the Present, and the Future when you share your testimony with others.

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