Summary: Calling the disciples

2 Sunday after the Epiphany

I Samuel 3:1-10, John 1:43-51


Grace and peace to you from our Lord and saviour< Jesus who is the Christ. Amn

In her book, A Man Called Peter, Catherine Marshall tells how her late preacher-husband felt a sense of destiny a sense of call in his life.

One dark night, Peter, then a young man, decided to take a shortcut across the Scottish moors. He knew there was a deep deserted limestone. quarry in that area, but he was confident he could avoid it.

Suddenly, he heard someone call, "Peter" there was great urgency in the voice. Peter stopped and called "Yes who is it? What do you want?"

There was no answer. He walked a few more steps and then heard the voice calling still more urgently, "Peter!"

He paused then stumbled and fell on his knees. Putting out his hand to catch himself, he found nothing there!! He was at the very edge of the abandoned stone quarry. One more step would have meant certain death."

From that calling, Peter Marshall knew he was called by God for the ministry.

Peter Marshall had a sense of calling, a sense that God had a purpose for his life. And I think in the same way each of us have been called by God to fulfill a purpose, to fulfill some task in this life, to become part of God’s over-all plan. Our gospel lesson and the Old Testament lesson also speak about different men, Samuel, Philip, and Nathanael who were called by God, and then fulfilled God’s plan for their lives. I think this process can be divided into 3 steps, the step of discovery, the step of decision, and thirdly, the step of action. This morning I would like to look at these three steps and see chow they apply to our lives as followers who have been called by God through our baptism into a relationship with him.

The discovery step:

Samuel heard someone calling him and thought it was Eli all the time. But with Eli’s help he finally figured out who it was, it was God.

Samuel made a discovery.

Samuel learned it was not Eli who was calling him, but God. God had called Samuel 3 times and each time Samuel thought it was Eli. Finally, Eli discovered and understood that God was calling Samuel and gave him some instructions to discover the purpose of God’s call.

Philip was discovered by Jesus and called him to follow. And then Philip found Nathanael and told him about Jesus, and called him to come and see. And before Nathanael could do anything, Jesus called to him with information about him, where he was, what kind of person he was.

Notice, the initial calling comes from God. God discovers us as we are, where we are and calls us to serve him. God acts first, then we respond. The first step is to discover God in your life. And for most of us that begins at baptism. It is in that event of Baptism where God first encountered you. The beginning of the process began there. And that beginning is important. The first step of any undertaking is an important step. Having a relationship established with God is a very important part of this process. And it is God who begins that process, God comes to you, God discovers you as a baby, who doesn’t know anything about God, but that’s all right because it is God who acts.

There is on old hymn which says: "Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling, Calling for you and for me; See, on the portals He’s waiting and watching, Watching for you and for me. Come home, come home, Ye who are weary come home, Earnestly,tenderly, Jesus is calling Calling O sinner come home." Jesus is calling, God is calling, calling us into a relationship with him.

Then comes step two, the Decision.

We have been called led into o relationship with Jesus through the waters of our Baptism and then next step is what you going to do with that relationship?

What happens next in that relationship?? Philip decided to follow. Our text doesn’t have any words spoken by Philip but through his actions, we assume he followed. Philip made a decision to follow Jesus’s call, to follow Jesus’ discovery in his life.

When God called Samuel the 4th time Samuel heard, knew it was God, discovered God’s calling, and then decided to answer, he said,"Speak, for thy servant hears."

And what of us? God has discovered us in our Baptism, he has called us to be his, hut what is our decision? What do we do with that call?

One pastor likens this process to tire-kickers. People who go shopping for a new or used car, they discover the cars, they kick o lot of tires,but they never buy.

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