Summary: We examine the Christmas season, weeding through the "hub-bub" in a effort to find the true treasure in celebrating our Savior’s birth.

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Tis’ the Season . . .

Matthew 1:18-23

I. Christmas makes us believe in miracles. (v. 18)

A. What is a miracle?

1. Miracle = “a work of a supernatural origin and

character that could not be produced by natural

agents and means.”

2. Illus.: USA hockey beats Russia 1980? Olympics.

a. Al Michaels, “Do you believe in miracles?”

b. Was this a miracle? No.

c. The question still stands, though.

- Do you Believe in Miracles?

B. God’s work with Mary was a miracle. (v.18)

Joke: Child:"Mom who was Jesus’ mother? Was it

the Virgin Mary or King James Virgin?"

1. Luke 1:30-35.

C. How do we miss out on God’s miraculous work

around us?

1. We’re too busy to see them.

2. We explain them away.

3. We aren’t willing to risk ourselves for them.

-Book Title "If you want to walk on water, you

have first step out of the boat."

II. Christmas call us toward goodwill. (v. 19)

A. Sometimes, goodwill can be the hardest thing to

have this time of year.

1. “I like Santa more than Jesus. . . “

2. Lord’s Prayer: "Please forgive those who

Christmas against us."

3. Illus.: Movie, "Jingle All the Way": Turbo Man


B. Our goodwill is not the same as God’s goodwill.

(v. 19-21)

1. Joseph was acting well within what would be

expected of him.

- Joseph was dealing with “betrayal”

- “Mary was pledged” more powerful than

engagement today.

- Only ended by a divorce.

2. Joseph intended to show some mercy.

III. Christmas reminds us of our hope. (v.20-23)

A. The tragedy of the “holiday seasons” it has lost

all its hope.

1. Arkansas Democrat-Gazette story

2. Barna Report 44% say "getting together" for

the holidays is most important aspect of

Christmas. (not the birth of Christ)

B. The hope of Christmas is that God reached down to

man in order that man would be able to reach God.


C. This hope is anchored in a Promise. (23)

1. God with us.

2. Illus.: Man wanting to become a bird to

explain the dangers of winter: Go into the


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