Summary: A sermon about how people quit serving and doing and they become concerned with themselves

To Be A Leader Of Quitters

Numbers 14:1-5



Good afternoon. I hope every one had a great day. You know God provided a day of rest so that we might refresh ourselves and think about Him. He wanted to break routine so that we would and stop and say oh wait I am not that important. What I want does not really matter instead what really matters is what God wants me to do. Sunday is really not about a day of rest so much as it is about thinking about God and what He does for us.

Moses has been leading the Hebrews for a while and they tended to forget about God even though they could see Him in the cloud and the pillar of fire. They tended to get so wrapped up in their own lives and importance that they forget about God. I have often wondered how I would have reacted if I had been Moses. I mean leading a people that were stiff necked and unwilling to follow. They were only concerned about their comforts, their needs and their concerns. I don’t know if I could have had as much patience as Moses had. And Then I think about God and how much patience He has with me when I fail to follow where He leads. How much patience God has for me when I quit and lay down and say no I am not going one step farther. I am glad that He simply doesn’t squash me like a bug but instead waits patiently for me to get up and follow along.

I. Moses had started our leading these people who were seeing God’s power and Authority daily.

a. People had seen the plagues that God struck Egypt with

b. They had seen God’s power and authority when He opened the Red sea and destroyed the Pharaoh and His Army.

i. They still did no believe. They still wanted to do things their way

ii. Many today see God’s power and authority and yet they still do thing their way

iii. They think they are right, that their way is the way to do things and that God’s way is the wrong way.

II. After Seeing God’s power and authority and power, after seeing His presence with them they wanted to quit.

a. The people had seen the pillar of fire and the cloud they knew that God was present with them but they still refused to believe and serve. They wanted to quit.

b. Many people say well I have done my share it is time for someone else to do their share and quit working

c. Many get mad and quit serving

d. Many churches quit serving and worshipping as they get caught up in programs, work, and doing things.

III. How should we respond to those who Quit

a. Like Moses and Aaron we should pray for them

i. How should God fearing people respond

1. by prayer, praying for intercession, praying for forgiveness

2. by serving and being an example to others

3. by not expecting acknowledgment but simple service to your God

4. by being like Caleb and Joesph and believe Your God wins everytime, Amen.

IV. They wanted to chose another leader another captain.

a. They want to get rid of the old and get a new leader to lead them back to where they had come from. They wanted to be lead back to Egypt or for us the way the world does things. They wanted to go back to their old life.

b. We can either follow our leader Jesus or we can follow Satan.

c. We can see God’s power and authority every day in our lives.

d. We must chose who we will follow.

e. Satan tries to cause us to stumble by putting things in our path, events to cause us to look for another leader.

f. Those who follow will be rewarded but those who follow Satan will be punished. What about you which are you following.

V. Conclusion.

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