Summary: To bodly go in Jesus name is our commission, we first must pray, know God is soverign and ask for his mighty hand to clear the path for us. Then nothing can stop us.

Are we there yet?

Have you ever longed for something only for it to turn out to not really meeting your expectations? Have you ever wanted or recently perhaps got excited about something or maybe someone only for the reality to turn the expectations and excitement cold, disappointment again? Have you ever desperately wanted, needed and not received not even come close to meeting your dreams? I have and to be honest for me Church is a bit like that. Before you stone me for heresy let me explain and share from my journey that I’m still walking, stumbling and moving along. I do ask God are we there yet, cause I can’t believe this is it, I refuse actually to believe this is it, so what’s my problem. Well, when I first turned to God and said yes I believe and felt the Holy Spirit seal me forever in Christ, he planted deep into my heart an expectation a certainty if I can be honest without you thinking I’m boasting, a belief a faith that God is THE I AM, God can do anything, God is Almighty, is all powerful is a God that cannot be mapped out or even microscopically understood by created man. Then I read of him and his power in the bible and was amazed in awe and hungry to know more. Then I went to Church and very nearly lost the plot!

Consider God

What has happened to the Church why don’t we “Boldly Go”? To answer this question and to consider how to “Boldly Go” we need to get back to a solid understanding of God, not that we can ever dream of actually understanding God. Getting an understanding that fills your heart and soul with a knowledge that God is good, God loves you and God is always with you. If we could ever understand all of God he would not be God. If we created beings that we are can define and explain God, who would then be God? See what I mean, God created us in his own image in the image of God he created them (US), but we are not equal as some might lead you to believe.

God is God

God is uncreated and beyond creation, creation is because God is the I AM the all in all the one and only. God is sovereign, there is no other being like God, all others are created for and by God, God is all powerful, all present and eternal, beyond time, space and anything else our small minds might think of.

God is God

All of history, all of humankinds existence to date and to come is all part of Gods story. God would exist without US, God does not need us in any part to exist, he would still be God if we were not here. We need God though for every breath, even if we don’t acknowledge his existence, he is therefore we are – period. To often we scale down God to our view, our expectations, lets get real, lets let God be God!

Too familiar?

It is of critical importance that the Church considers God Holy and reveres him as Almighty. If the Church does not do this, why should the world. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross opened a way for mankind, away never before opened, away into the very throne room of almighty God. Without the blood of Jesus, we would not be able to draw near, we could not approach the holies of holies and expect to live, we are all sinful created creatures, and God is God

He cannot and never will tolerate sin, however when we turn to Jesus confess our sins and receive him as Lord THEN we can, think of it. I mean lets dwell on this thought this promise of Covent, its not a trivial thing, its not a part of the small print. This is the real deal, Christians can come before almighty God in the name of Jesus and ask the creator of all things THE I AM for anything.


Anything, yes Anything

John 16:23-24 In that day you will no longer ask me anything. I tell you the truth, my Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.

Jesus does not go on to list all the things you can’t ask for its like “whatever”. Anything, whatever, just think of it. But, this is the thing, once we reach this point we are saved and sealed in the Holy Spirit, have Christ living in us so we are going to go for the things that would please him, would be in accordance with his will and his kingdom. Ask for a million quid if that’s what you want, but be prepared to give it away, ask for a fast car, ask for a big house, but be prepared for God to use them in accordance with Gods will “your Joy will be complete”. That doesn’t mean that if you say, ’I ask for a Ferrari in Jesus’ name.’ Jesus has to give you one. When we pray and ask God for things, He is looking at our hearts, not jotting down all the fancy words we use. He wants to know that our motives for asking are right and in line with His plan for our life. Sometimes we ask for things we think will be good for us but He knows would actually rip us up and turn us from him. So how do you know you’re on the right track? Well Jesus gives us a tip, ’seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.’ (Matthew 6:33). If you put Him first and your relationship with Him first, and press in and pray, and you will be amazed at the adventure He takes you on! This is amazing, think of this promise from the Creator of all things, for whom all things are, by whom all things are, says “Go on ask, just ask”

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