Summary: In the midst of the journey of life there comes times we are distressed and don't know how to handle the difficult situations of life. But thanks be to God there is one we can go too and know He knows the way through life's difficult times.

John 6:66-71


Jesus began his ministry in Judea. His success there seemed to be all that could be desired. However it soon became apparent that the crowds that followed Him misunderstood or willfully ignored His purpose. It seemed they followed Him chiefly for material things. V.2

He left there and went to Galilee and after some time things became they were in Judea as the great crowds followed Him to be healed or fed. V. 26-27 Why are you flowering Jesus? Just to go to Heaven and miss hell, just for the blessing you receive from Him. These are legitimate but should not be the reason you follow Him. The reason you or anyone follow Jesus should be because you we love Him and want to serve Him.

Jesus seeing this finds it necessary to sift the crowd. He does this by addressing them in terms that can be acceptable and understood only by the truly spiritual. He tells them He is not among them for practical reasons nor for the bread that perishes but for the bread that endures. V. 53-58 Because of His teaching many began to go away and follow Him no more. In v.66 Jesus then turns to His disciples and asks them WILL YE ALSO GO AWAY. V. 67

Peter then asks a question and makes a statement that is the basis for of this message. In v.68-69 Peter asked TO WHOM SHALL WE GO, and makes the statement “You have the words of eternal life. Let’s try to find an answer to the question Peter asked for it is of great importance we find the right answer.

The first thing we need to look at and understand is an undeniable fact we all need someone to go too. Make no mistake about it we all at one time or other in our life have needed someone to go too. Any one that would try and tell you they don’t need anyone, I can make it on my own is trying to run a bluff or trying to fool themselves. We need someone to go too and talk too and most likely will need to do so again. I for one am not ashamed to tell you and everyone I need you your love and your prayer. I can’t make it by myself. In fact there have been times I have needed someone more than my companion or friends. I remember a time in my life and ministry I was so distressed and discouraged and in need of someone that I drove over one hundred miles to talk to a man I knew and had the utmost confidence in to talk too and pray with. Let me say here it helped remove the clouds and helped me climb out of the valley I was in.

So who can we go too? Well I am glad I can tell you we can always go to Jesus for He will always be there. Remember it is as the song writer wrote JUST WHEN I NEED HIM MOST JESUS IS NEAR TO COMFORT AND CHEER JUST WHEN I NEED HIM MOST.

We need someone to help us overcome our doubts fears frustrations disappointments grief and sorrows. I think sometimes the greatest thing we need help in overcoming is the unknown especially when the future involves change. Much of the dislike of change is not the change itself but the unknown that change brings. We need to remember that we live in a changing world and society. Whither we like it or not things around us are changing and will continue to change. The things that once seemed so simple now are complex. When computers came out they were supposed to make things easier but I sometimes wonder if it has really made things easier. Whither it is easier or not it is here to stay and we need to adjust to the fact.

But I am thrilled to be able to tell you that though the things in the world and even the church are changing there is one fact that always remains the same, JUST WHEN I NEED HIM MOST JESUS IS NEAR TO COMFORT AND CHEER JUST WHEN I NEED HIM MOST and that He is on the main line waiting for you and me to tell Him what we want. Even in those times it seems that even He is far away and doesn’t care anymore. He cares and is always there. Remember His promise in the great commission ‘LO I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS EVEN TO THE END OF THE AGE. (Matthew 28:20) So my friend draw up close to Him lean heavy on His bosom and when the howling winds of adversity assail you though the tug at you they cannot separate you from Him.

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