Summary: Holy Communion is accepted by Christians and it seems to one doctrine that cut across all denominations.Yet many do observe it not following God's standard.

The Holy Communion is one of the oldest tradition in the christian rites.Almost all church affiliations or denominations partake in the Body and the blood of the Lord in symbolical terms.

Though their might be differences in the way and belief of the Lord's supper as it is otherwise called,yet the fact is that many churches do accept the Holy communion as things commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ for all Christians to do in His remembrance.

In the books of Matthew,Mark,Luke and John, which are the four synoptic gospel, they all recorded the events in the life of Jesus Christ. That shows there was a generally acceptable and momentous events in the life of Jesus and in His ministry.

The Lord Jesus told His disciples while telling them during the Lord supper that the wine he drink and shared with them represent his blood which was shed for the remission of the sins of many.The bread which was an unleavened one, is the body that bruised and crucified for eternal life.

You should note that this meal of bread and wine had long been in the life and times of the Israelite.This started all the way back during their slavery in Egypt.You should remember that Jacob and His whole family all numbering 70 people, came to Egypt at the invitation of Joseph whom God has set as Prime Minister in Egypt.

Israel came to Egypt and they stayed in Goshen as given by the Pharaoh. Later this generation died and a new pharaoh came into power.This knew not Joesph and do not even what to respect the deed of Joseph in saving the Egyptian from famines that would have snuff live out of them.This king,decided to put the growing and powerful Israelite to slavery and there they were until God sent Moses to rescue them.

During the process of the rescue,God send plagues to the stubborn and and unyielding King of Egypt.The last plague that will be the needle that would burst the haughty bubble of Pharaoh,was the killing of the firstborn in Egypt.Both men and animals.

God then spoke to Moses to the Israelite to select a lamb of a year old on the 10th day of that month and on the 14th day they should kill that lamb and prepare unleavened bread and eat in the evening.Then they should take the blood of the killed lambs and smear it on the post and threshold of their doors.They should after wards keep the feast of unleavened bread for 7 days after this day.

That is the genesis of passover.There and then God told them to make a perpetual feast in all their generations.And that the month of passover should be the first month in the year for all Israelite.

The Errors in the feast of Passover

Now, from that background, let me point out some things that has been erroneous taught by Christians in our time.

Date and Time

You should note that the passover which to us is the Holy communion was to be eaten in the evening time.Even Jesus followed His father instruction and ate it with His disciples at evening time.

The communion should be taken the first month of the year for all Israelite.

The discrepancies in the dating of the Israel nation could make this difficult.However,thanks God for scholars that have given our the corresponding date in our own calendar.

The Month of Abib which is the month of Passover for Israel,is our own mid March to Mid April.That was the date God ordained and that was what we must follow.But for most churches, we eat the Lord's supper anytime we feel it right.


Another thing of note is that the passover was to be taken on the evening of the 14th day to the 15th day of month Abib.So do we need to follow this date.

The number of times God ordained for them was just once every year.

But we do this as many times as we want in most churches.Not once in a month.

Import of the Lord's supper

We have fast lost the importance of this Holy Communion.

Many times Church pastors makes it a celebration instead of a solemn one.Some erroneously tell their church that people can be healed by taking the Holy Communion.

The Lord Jesus tells us the purpose of the Holy Communion when he told his disciples:

"And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said,

Take, eat; this is my body."

"And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it;"

"For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins." Matthew 26 vs.26-28.

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