Summary: Looking back on 2012. 2013 brings fear. The command to "fear not"

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- Gen. 6:5-6,11-13; Mt. 24:37-39

- Note Mt 6:52

- Do you have any doubt that we are officially in the "days of Noah?"

- Our days of grief & violence in 2012

Jan - Italy

Costa Concordia runs aground – 32 Die

Feb - Florida

George Zimmerman allegedly shoots and kills Trayvon Martin, sparking protests and outrage

Mar. -

Deadly tornadoes ravage the Midwest and the South. – 36 dead

April - Pakistan

Islamic militants attack a Pakistan prison, freeing nearly 400 inmates

May -

President Obama announces that he supports same-sex “marriage.”


Wildfires destroys Colorado Springs homes.

July –

- Auroora Col movie shooting 70 people shot, 12 dead

- The Obama administration files two cases with the Supreme Court that challenge the Defense of Marriage Act.

Aug - Syria

Civil war between 45,050 and 57,745 people have been killed of which about half were civilians,

Sept - Libya

Benghazi attack that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Oct - NY NJ WV

Superstorm Sandy destroys property & knocks out power for days

Nov US Election

Four more years of President Obama

Maine, Maryland, and Washington approve same-sex “marriage,” while Minnesota rejects an amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman.


- Sandy Hook school shooting kills 26 (20 grade 1 students 6 adults)

- Webster NY Sniper entraps firefighters Kills 2 , and wounds 2

("I still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood I can burn down, and do what I like doing best: killing people.")

Where Are We Headed?

- We're heading even more into rampant acceptance

• Same-sex marriage, Polygamy/men Polyandry/women

• Abortion - 60 million have taken place since 1973.

• Legalized recreational marijuana.

• Disrespect; Adults not honoring their parents and our children learn from their parents.

• Gay Rights, Homosexuality, Adultery, Fornication

• Remove Prayer

- Evil is called good and good is called evil.

- Do you have any doubt that we are officially in the "days of Noah?"

- We're in the fast lane to the end of the age now.

- There are 28 Atheists in Congress.

- The new Senate sat a Buddhist member for the first time

- House of Representatives has its first Hindu member (Hawaii)

- Muslims in congress are serving Indiana & Minnesota.

- Obama stated on CNN that he is Muslim. YouTube

- He's a politician. He's a Christian to Christians & a muslim to muslims. So we have become one nation under many gods.

- We're all so busy that we don't pay careful attention to how late it is.

- We’re seeing an erosion of many of our basic rights, values, and traditions.

- Apathy – Just don’t care

- We have rejected God

- Technology has become God

- Globalism & the cashless society is our next desire

• Stuff gets in the way

• Clutter is anything that distracts, that takes me out of focus, that keeps me from thinking or doing what I ought.

• Clutter is weight, baggage, whatever bogs me down.

Compare Mt 14:22-33; Mt. 8:23-27 - Had they forgotten?

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