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Summary: There are lots of bad role models in this world . But Jesus called us to be role models of His way of life for others. So, how do I become the kind of role model he wants me to be and how can I make a difference in the lives of others?

OPEN: We played a youtube video that gave a lighthearted view of fashion since 1911:

That video displayed the changes of style and fashion that have taken place over the years.

ILLUS: I remember looking back at some of my high school pictures… and I admit to being embarrassed at how I looked back then. Corduroy jacket, pants an inch or so above my pants or bellbottom pants.

I wouldn’t dress like that ever again.

But back then it seems to have been the norm.

Poodle skirts and bell-bottom pants are no longer trendy anymore. Most people wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them to school or to work because they’re out of style now.

Clothing styles change. And one of the driving forces behind those changes in style are Fashion Houses.

If clothing styles didn’t change the fahion companies wouldn’t be able to sell as many clothes. They need for new fashions to be introduced on a regular basis, so they try very hard to sell a new types of clothing to the next generation (who are actually looking for a way to not look like their parents and grandparents anyway).

Now the primary tool Fashion houses use to introduce these new styles and trends… is the model. Every clothing company realizes it’s easier to sell clothing if you can see it on a live model.

Whether it’s Prada, or J.C. Penney or WalMart - you’ll almost always see clothes being worn by live models.

The reason they do this - is so that we can see how their clothes look on real people.

Now, of course, their real people don’t look anything like me or you. They’re generally very handsome and athletic men and women who would look good in just about anything they’d wear. But once we’ve seen those clothes on that handsome man, or beautiful woman the Fashion House hopes we’ll think… “Gee, maybe I’d look like that if I owned that shirt/blouse/skirt/suit”

You see, those live models are literally “fashion ROLE models” because their purpose is to get us

Ø to copy them

Ø to follow their lead

Ø to imitate their style

In the Bible, God tells us that WE have ‘role models’ too.

Here in II Thessalonians Paul says that he and his friends made an effort to be “models for you to follow (3:9)

And Paul repeated that many times for those early Christians:

In 1 Corinthians 4:16 he wrote: “I urge you to imitate me.”

To the Philippians he urged “Join with others in following my example, brothers, and take note of those who live according to the pattern we gave you.” Philippians 3:17

Paul was holding himself up to be a “Role Model” for early Christians.

He was saying – this is how Christianity looks on a REAL person.

He’s saying - Use me as a role model.

“Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 11:1

So, the Bible teaches us to use Role Models in our Christian life.


But now, we need to realize that there are plenty of Role Models out in the world around us that God doe NOT want us to imitate/follow/copy.

Before we get into “Christian Role Models, we need to acknowledge that every person you meet is a role model for somebody.

ILLUS: One person said it this way:

“Everybody’s an example. Some are good examples… and some are bad”

For example: we’re surrounded by all kinds of famous people who are literally role models for millions of people across our nation. They model an attractive, ‘successful’ lifestyle.

* They have big houses, fast cars, and lots of money.

* They have the admiration of millions.

* They’re being asked to guest on Letterman and Leno.

And there are a lot of people who would love to be just like them.

There are millions of people who literally make these folks their “role models”.

Now that has creeped out more than one of these famous people.

Years ago, there was a big debate about Charles Barkley’s comment in a Nike commercial, when he said: "I’m not a role model."

He was telling people he didn’t sign up to be a role model.

He wanted to play basketball.

He liked the money. He liked the adoration of his fans.

He just didn’t like the pressure of being held to a higher standard.

And he’s not the only one’s whose felt that way:

· In Glamour Magazine a famous singer named Rihanna said: I don’t want to be a role model.

· Miley Cyrus wants parents to quit putting so much pressure on her to be a role model.

· Snooki (a 20 something “Jersey Shores actress”) who acknowledges she does stupid stuff… and says she doesn’t want her young fans acting like her: “I don’t want to be a role model.”

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