Summary: To show what God expects out of His children


There are close to 100 million church members in America and yet, why are they not making the moral and spiritual impact that they should? ***Why is it, that on Sunday morning, thousands

of churches have empty pews?*** Why are so many churches closing their doors on Wednesday night and Sunday night? ***I’ll tell you why! LACK OF COMMITMENT!!!

The Bible is the inspired, inerrant word of God, and yet, why is it that so few read it?

If God is a prayer answering God, (and He is); and if He meant for us to ask, seek, and knock,

then why is so little praying going on?

If you and I believe there is a heaven & hell, why do we keep so quiet about the gospel?

If we believe that there is none other name under Heaven whereby we must be saved, then why

are we not sharing the message of His saving grace?

***Why are so many Pastors having to beg and plead for members to give through the church

budget, fearful that they are not going to pay the bills?

***STATISTICS: 40% quit after 10 years; 50% quit after 5 years. THIS IS SAD!***

There is an answer to all these questions and it is tragically simple!

God’s people, most of them, have made a decision what to do about Jesus; but they have never

made a commitment to Him!!!

There is a vast difference between a decision to do something and a commitment to the person.

Like the story of Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5: They made a commitment, but did not follow

through! ***Vs.4 says they didn’t lie to man, they lied to God!***

Why are at least 50% of all marriages either on the rocks or headed for them?

Why are so many divorcing? Why are people running around and being unfaithful?

Every person who married made a decision! They stood before a Preacher and made promises and vows. * They made a decision; they kissed each other, and they walked out together to live happily ever after. ***But why do so many get a divorce?***

THE ANSWER: they made a decision, but didn’t commit their lives to each other!

When a man and woman make a commitment to each other, they are saying," I GIVE MYSELF TOTALLY TO YOU; NEXT TO GOD, YOU’RE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!"


No one can be sort of committed! You’re either committed or you’re not! ( PARACHUTE )

When a pilot of a giant airliner is speeding down the runway, there is a certain point where he cannot decide to remain on the ground. ***When he crosses that line, he is committed to the air, or else he crashes to the ground. ***Unfortunately, our churches are filled with many who have never left the ground. ***They’re sitting there revving their engines, they’re always getting ready!***

They have been planning on it, meaning to, wanting to, trying to; going to; aiming to, hoping to,

but they never have left the ground.

Today, let us get off the ground in the area of commitment of our lives.

Luke 5:1-11 Lake of Gennesaret VERSE 11 says "forsook all and followed......."

There are 4 " T "s of commitment I will leave with you today:

(1) TIME! Prayer, Bible study, attending Church faithfully, etc.

All of our time belongs to God! 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (366) You can’t pick your time.

A) The Lord’s day & the Lord’s house both take time! EPH. 5:16 "REDEEMING THE..."

(2) TITHES! 1 Cor.16:2 Mal. 3 : 10 "Preacher, I can’t afford..." HOW BIG IS GOD???

(3) TALENTS! Matthew 25 : 25 "And I was afraid and went and hid............................."

A) Do what you can for the Lord and for the Church!

(4) TESTIMONY! ***In church and in the world! ***If you don’t tell it in the church, you wont tell it out in the world! ***Are you ashamed of being a Christian? .......of Jesus?

Eze. 33 : 7 - 8 "So thou O Son of man, I have ........................................"


***There is a great need for commitment today! The word "COMMIT" means:

*** to bind or involve oneself, pledge, promise, etc.


A commitment is something you can’t take back! "Well, I’ll try the Christian life a while."

**NO! What plan did you get? 1 month, 3 months, 6 ...; 1 year, etc.**

Don’t try it, just DO IT!!! If Jesus gets the man, He’ll get everything else, AMEN!!!

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