Summary: Fisrst in series on committment

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Johnny Unitas Story: Born Pittsburg: HS-QB Broke ankle-Unitas throw ball: wanted to go to Notre Dame, “Too Small” University of Louisville, Fantastic Soph year. Jr and Sr year-BAD. Tried out for Steelers-got nothing but bus fare home. Worked in Steel mill-Wife and family-Played semi-pro ball $3 a game. Hired H.S. Boys-Shag balls: Tire on tree: 20, 30, 40 yards throwing ball-thousands of hours. Paid Price: Baltimore Colts called-Signed: $7000yr after a $1.56 phone call. George Shaw-Broke leg-got to play) Known as Mr. Quarterback. Most attempts/completions/total yards/consecutive touchdown games-47, 3 NFL champs, 1 Super Bowl, Hall of Fame COMMITTED!

Rocky Marciano: “To win takes a complete commitment of mind and body. When you can’t make that commitment, they don’t call you champ any more.”

WRIGHT BROTHERS: Another man had plane ready-yr. before-didn’t believe it would fly. Best Ideas not subject to belief but to action!

I. Successful people-Total commitment in Belief and action

a. “A pledge/promise bind oneself to something.”

b. “Determination-all obstacles-follow a certain course.”


a. Story of Naaman: 2 Kings 5…“George Washington” of Syria…good man-leper-(Chronic infectious-Flesh eating-nerve damage, Gangrene-lesions-Now chemotherapy—some still fatal, (2 million now and 500k yearly) But Not God’s follower…King sent men and $100,000 And Captain Naaman to prophet of Israel…King of Israel-not want Him see prophet…“Send him here-we shall know the prophet”…A servant met Naaman: God-Moses; Talked direct to Abraham; Prophet not down flight of stairs for Naaman… angry: Listens-then bows before prophet…Dips 7 times “Jordan”…

b. "Now I know that there is no God in all the world except in Israel.”

i. Remember how Naaman found prophet?

1. 1 Little girl-totally committed

2. Slavery-brought God with her!

a. Some go off and forget-

b. College-dates-job

3. Her Compassion---we need it

4. Her Faith---God could do anything

5. Her Courage! They respected Her…went!

6. “I’m just a kid!” Never to young!

7. Even King not know God- Girl did

8. Faithful to God-because-believed God

c. Story of Micaiah- 2 Chron 18

i. Ahab-Israel; Jehosophat-Judah

ii. Ahab wants to go to war w/ Syria: 400 Prophets; “Yeah --- Go! Ramoth-Giliad-Lord will deliver”

iii. “Is there not another prophet?”-Yes but I don’t like Him-never anything good about me..Micaiah “Will speak what Lord speaks”

iv. Jailed: “Bread/water till I return” Miciah must have starved-Ahab killed in battle!

v. Not bow to King, Opinions of others-

d. Daniel, Shadrach: Committed!

e. Joshua-Caleb: Not interested pleasing the people


a. Matt 25:1-13 “Five wise and 5 foolish virgins”

i. Not good or bad-just foolish!

ii. Exalted privilege to light wedding feast

iii. Exalted privilege-Sons of God

iv. DARE NOT give less than TOTAL involvement!

v. Sin Battle: Fight at all-fight well!

vi. Serve at all: Serve well!

b. Apostles: All but one martyred

c. Early Christians: Whipped, scattered, killed, yet STEDFAST

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