Summary: Fisrst in series on committment


Johnny Unitas Story: Born Pittsburg: HS-QB Broke ankle-Unitas throw ball: wanted to go to Notre Dame, “Too Small” University of Louisville, Fantastic Soph year. Jr and Sr year-BAD. Tried out for Steelers-got nothing but bus fare home. Worked in Steel mill-Wife and family-Played semi-pro ball $3 a game. Hired H.S. Boys-Shag balls: Tire on tree: 20, 30, 40 yards throwing ball-thousands of hours. Paid Price: Baltimore Colts called-Signed: $7000yr after a $1.56 phone call. George Shaw-Broke leg-got to play) Known as Mr. Quarterback. Most attempts/completions/total yards/consecutive touchdown games-47, 3 NFL champs, 1 Super Bowl, Hall of Fame COMMITTED!

Rocky Marciano: “To win takes a complete commitment of mind and body. When you can’t make that commitment, they don’t call you champ any more.”

WRIGHT BROTHERS: Another man had plane ready-yr. before-didn’t believe it would fly. Best Ideas not subject to belief but to action!

I. Successful people-Total commitment in Belief and action

a. “A pledge/promise bind oneself to something.”

b. “Determination-all obstacles-follow a certain course.”


a. Story of Naaman: 2 Kings 5…“George Washington” of Syria…good man-leper-(Chronic infectious-Flesh eating-nerve damage, Gangrene-lesions-Now chemotherapy—some still fatal, (2 million now and 500k yearly) But Not God’s follower…King sent men and $100,000 And Captain Naaman to prophet of Israel…King of Israel-not want Him see prophet…“Send him here-we shall know the prophet”…A servant met Naaman: God-Moses; Talked direct to Abraham; Prophet not down flight of stairs for Naaman… angry: Listens-then bows before prophet…Dips 7 times “Jordan”…

b. "Now I know that there is no God in all the world except in Israel.”

i. Remember how Naaman found prophet?

1. 1 Little girl-totally committed

2. Slavery-brought God with her!

a. Some go off and forget-

b. College-dates-job

3. Her Compassion---we need it

4. Her Faith---God could do anything

5. Her Courage! They respected Her…went!

6. “I’m just a kid!” Never to young!

7. Even King not know God- Girl did

8. Faithful to God-because-believed God

c. Story of Micaiah- 2 Chron 18

i. Ahab-Israel; Jehosophat-Judah

ii. Ahab wants to go to war w/ Syria: 400 Prophets; “Yeah --- Go! Ramoth-Giliad-Lord will deliver”

iii. “Is there not another prophet?”-Yes but I don’t like Him-never anything good about me..Micaiah “Will speak what Lord speaks”

iv. Jailed: “Bread/water till I return” Miciah must have starved-Ahab killed in battle!

v. Not bow to King, Opinions of others-

d. Daniel, Shadrach: Committed!

e. Joshua-Caleb: Not interested pleasing the people


a. Matt 25:1-13 “Five wise and 5 foolish virgins”

i. Not good or bad-just foolish!

ii. Exalted privilege to light wedding feast

iii. Exalted privilege-Sons of God

iv. DARE NOT give less than TOTAL involvement!

v. Sin Battle: Fight at all-fight well!

vi. Serve at all: Serve well!

b. Apostles: All but one martyred

c. Early Christians: Whipped, scattered, killed, yet STEDFAST

i. Some today not steadfast w/plenty-freedom-easy!

ii. Sometimes that is a curse!

1. Matt 19:16-26 Rich young man

2. Good Guy: Underlying problem

3. In the way of commitment

4. Anything: value more than commitment to Christ-THINGS: follow Christ

d. 2 Tim 2:12 “…that which I have committed”

i. What have you COMMITED?

ii. Not enough from Christianity-not putting enough in!

iii. “Co-Laborers” with God-most important work!

iv. Stewards: “administrators of another mans house”-Trust, responsibility, initiative!

v. In opportunities-great danger—failure to grasp those opportunities!

vi. Demands Total Commitment! No “hedge”; no “Backing out”

vii. “If any would be my disciple…”

viii. “love the Lord thy God with all…..”

V. How important is Christ to you?

a. What are YOU committed to? Money? Things?

i. What do you practice at?

ii. Expect follow God’s commands-not even know what they are!

iii. Expect strength to withstand-no practice!

iv. Want throw 40 yard pass-be Johnny Unitas-never practiced

v. Trials-temptations come-Faith fails-no commitment.

b. Less than total commitment-not enough

a. Superficial Christianity: Watered down commands-Jesus- rather than deep commitment-heart, soul, mind

a. Matt. 22:37 “Love Lord heart, soul, mind

b. Mark 12:30 adds “Strength”

c. Anything less is not enough-want do very best-greatest task on earth.

d. “Where treasure is-heart will be also.”

e. “All to Jesus, I surrender” Not even in battle!

b. Divided Allegiance: Half in world-half in church

a. Matt 6:24 “No man can serve two masters”

b. Matt. 12:25 “A house divided against itself-not stand”

c. Saddle sore from fence straddling

c. Count cost, pay price:

i. Bargain basement of no commitment

ii. Never know blessings-service-soul saving

iii. sitting on the “Bench” floating along on Grace

iv. Call you to commitment! Excellence

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