Summary: If we are going to amount to anything in life, we must be focused on the task before us. Christ must be central in our focus always. Used as a challenge in a graduation service.

Mt. 14:22-32

When you entered this world, you were wrinkled. bald ?, red, toothless, could barely see, crying, and naked. You have come a long way, baby. Or have you?

A graduating senior of high school has spent the following amount of time in various activities:

---breathing for 936 weeks

---passed 2,160 day in school

---eating for 7,488 hours (mostly pizza, tacos, and chips)

---sleeping approx. 52,500 hours

---taking up space for 9,434,880 minutes

If you live an average lifespan of 70 years, you will probably sleep 24 of those years, eat for 6 years, drive for 5 years, and be sick for at least 3 years. Wow, do you have something to look foreward to.

In short, the message for you and your future is "To be continued".

2 Tim. 3:14

14 But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them; (KJV)

14 Pero persiste tú en lo que has aprendido y te persuadiste, sabiendo de quién has aprendido; (RVG04)

Life is full of changes and challenges.

As soon as we get finished with one, there is another one in our path.

We can receive them non-chalantly or we can understand that nothing in life is a coincedence.

To succeed in life is not a matter of luck or knowing the right people, neither is it having access to a ton of money. We must understand that each new challenge must be focused on in a correct manner.

Like a telescope or a microscope. Be careful not to miss the obvious by being too intent on what is way "out there" or by scrutinizing what is so very close at hand.

Your focus can be---I am done and free, pure party time from now on; or you can realize that it is time to prepare for the next adventure that life will throw at me.







Beware of being "unfocused", "out of focus"," underfocused", inwardly focused" and "wrongly focused".

I. Focused on the Father-------------Jesus

Even Jesus recognized the need for quiet time.

He needed a time to get away from it all and be alone with the Father. Not just once or twice, but this was a regular practice of Jesus.

We would all be wise to do the same.

Focus on the the Father and what He wants for us. Take time to rest in His presence, and wait before Him for renewal and direction.

If your cup is empty, you can't help others and you can't help yourself.

II. Focused on Fear-------------most of the disciples

Life will serve you plenty of problems; don't major on them.

Fear will keep you from doing the will of God. You need to get a hold of something bigger than the fear. Get a hold of God.

Focusing of fear only produces more fear. The disciples were walking by sight. They did not recognize the Lord. Instead of relief, they felt more fear.

Finally they recognized His voice. Know the voice of the Master, and He will calm your troubled heart.

Jesus calms our fears if we let Him and if we recognize Him.

III. Focused on Faith-------------Peter

The faith of Peter led him to do the impossible.

His faith led him out of the "comfort zone".

It was not a perfect faith, but it was positive faith. Real faith will cause you do something that you never done before.

The peril is in losing focus. Peter started out well, then he lost focus. That was when he began to sink. We must be focused as we walk ahead in faith. Focus on Christ. Listen to His voice.

Even in the loss of focus, Peter does the right thing----He calls out to Jesus. Once again, Peter acted in faith as He called on Christ to help him as he was sinking.

Review your point of focus. You are one and only one, but you can do much for God and others around you if your focus is always upon Christ.

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