Summary: Jesus is far superior to the angels in every way.

"Touched By An Angel, But Changed By The Lord!"

Hebrews 1:4-14

There is a movement, a love fest that is sweeping our country. The infatuation, or love, however you wish to describe it has everything to do with the tender feelings and warm thoughts that we have when we think about angels. It seems that angels are everywhere. You can buy their pictures in bookstores, purchase porcelain figurines depicting their cherub charm, and visit their web pages if you wish.

I was standing in line at the grocery store just this past week when I glanced at one of the tabloids positioned for my entertainment. The headline read, "Angel Leads Plane To Safety." I thought to myself, "How appropriate that I've been studying the topic of angels all week and here is an example of their power and deep concern for us mere mortals."

From tabloids to the television to magazines by the score we are seeing more and more attention given to the topic of angels. Angels are a relevant topic for us to discuss and study, but my concern is that I don't believe many people in our society are studying angels from a biblical perspective. We are getting our information from magazine articles written by people with all kinds of spiritual convictions, we are watching TV shows like, "Touched By An Angel" whose Executive Producer is Marianne Williamson, the writer of the New Age "Course On Miracles, and we are neglecting God's teaching concerning angels.

I was surfing the Internet this past week to learn more about angels and was amazed at the number of web pages out there concerning this one topic. I learned all kinds of insights -- some biblical, some psuedo-biblical, and others outlandish. I stumbled on one website called "Angelic Creations" that was hawking a new book written by a woman who has worked tirelessly to perfect her skills at getting the attention of angels so that she can get what she needs. She writes on her web page.

At the present time, our planet contains six billion people {give or take a few million}. Each person is provided with a personal guardian angel. In addition, the guardian angels have access to the powers of multitudes of the special angelic spirits in charge of animals, plants, minerals, the weather, inanimate objects; your car, house, furnishings, and anything and everything else that is composed of energy. These billions and billions of guardian angels and helper angels are the worker bees of the entire universe...constituting one of the greatest powers in the world. This awesome power is available to us through our thoughts, prayers, and wishes...if we know how to ask.

Examples of SHORT TERM WISHES...these can be fulfilled in a short period of time

PARKING SPACES: Over 20 years ago, my first wish to my angels was regarding a parking space. To my surprise, they arranged for the exact spot I specified. Throughout the years, they have continued this service. I am not surprised anymore, but I am always thankful and appreciative. Asking your angels for parking places can be a convincing test of angel power. Use recipe #10

LOST ITEMS: The angels know the location of everything in the universe. They can help you to find the best bargains, the most suitable health professional for your ailment, your misplaced keys, notes, pets, child, or whatever you need. Make your wish, then stay alert for clues and hunches. Usually recipe #10 is sufficient. If not, use recipe #1, #3, and #4

CLIMATE CONTROL: Yes, the angels can help make your planned picnic a success. Just tell them ahead of time what kind of weather you would like. Seem impossible? We have altered the weather innumerable times to save moving days, vacations, and golf games. Use recipe #10 for on the spot. For a day or longer, use recipe #1 and #3.

LONG TERM WISHES...these may take a bit longer.

NEW CAR, HOME OR ANY EXPENSIVE ITEM: The angels can see into the future, so they know how any item will perform years down the road. We had our share of "lemons" and disappointments until we learned to use recipe #2 and #8 for all-important matters. If you are wishing for someone else it is important to use recipe #2. It carries a safety feature to prevent unsuitable wishes from being granted.

THE RIGHT MATE: This is a very important wish! The book gives storeies of our experiences and assistance in wording your wish. Again, use recipe #2 and #8. Using recipe #1 will give you faster results, but you may not be satisfied for a long-term relationship. We speak from experience!

The help of angels is a prominent theme that we see today. One man who wrote about the hit TV show "Touched By An Angel" says the reason why people have become so infatuated with angels is because angels ask nothing of us, they simply want to help us in any way possible. With the modern day understanding of angels there is no "Thus saith the Lord" there is only the nonjudgmental help that we all desire. Help with no strings attached. Help with no demand on us.

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