Summary: The women with the issue of blood and the issues in out lives

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- Telephone System slogan

“Reach Out and Touch Someone”

- (Hold up the "Phone Book")

- Help in the book for things you can’t do for yourself.

- (Then hold up the Bible)

- An anchor for your storm.

- Somebody who you can call that can give you a death row pardon

- Somebody who can lift the load of guilt off the sinners heart.

- Somebody who that put a sword in your hand when your fighting temptation.

- Somebody who can lift you up when you’ve fallen.

- Somebody who can teach you to fish for men and women. .

- His name is Jesus!

- And like the phone company says All you have to do is reach out and touch him.

- Jesus is also in the touching business

- Story of the Women

1. Her Condition


- Issue (Flowing Bleeding) for 12yrs, an outcast, broken, she had some issues. Her ailment was as old as the child who was lying at the point of death.


a. Family issue: Husband & family could not touch or be held.

b. Social issue by law she could not enter the temple

c. Financial issue: she spent all with doctors

d. Faith issue: Given Up - ever to be healed

- Lev 15:19-25 ----- 2x

2. Her Consequence v. 26


- She knew that she was diseased

- Suffered under many doctors care

- Had spent all that she had – Now





3. Her Constriction


- A crowd - Difficulty of getting close

- Thronged = to press in from all sides

- All wanting his attention making it hard to get close.

- What crowd do you have to press through to get to Jesus?

Tiredness - Bitterness - Pain - Discouragement - Financial - Trouble - Marriage problems - Complacency - Disappointment - Anger - Jealousy - Loneliness - Pressure - Stress - Confusion - Fear - Doubt - Worry - Exhaustion

Maybe the crowd of feeling

Unappreciated - Unloved - Unwanted - Unaccepted

- How many people know when you try to get next to the man of God, people seem to get in the way.

- But you have to keep on pressing your way through the crowd until you touch Him.

4. Her Comprehension


PURPOSE Faith - v.28

- First heard of Jesus and then moved toward him

- A desire to do whatever it takes

- PLAN - Put into Action -v.27

- She crawled through the crowd to touch Him

- Weak faith may touch a great Savior

- Where are we in this story?

b. Isn’t it mind boggling how someone could be in the PRESENCE of Jesus and be so UNAWARE of His "Mighty Power"?

c. Many people sit in church Sunday after Sunday right in the presence of Jesus and even BRUSH up against Him and go home UNCHANGED!

- Everyone in the CROWD that day walked away the SAME WAY they CAME in except for one little woman.

d. Many Christians are satisfied with just a "BRUSH" with Jesus.

- These people are not INTERESTED in TOUCHING Him

– They don’t want to CHANGE!

5. Her Cure - 29


- Her faith brought her into personal contact with Jesus

- Her cure was sudden = "immediately"

- Her Cure was complete =

"fountain . . . dried up"

- Her Cure was satisfying = "she felt in her body"

6. Her Comfort - v.33-34

- She would not have had his promise if she had not made confession

- Out of all those who are here this morning how many really want to TOUCH Jesus?

- How many are SATISFIED just being a PART of the CROWD?

- Have you got a PURPOSE for being here today? – What is it?

- None of those in the CROWD "Drew a Response" FROM Jesus because they were just "OBSERVING."

- Jesus and the CROWD were on their way to Jarius’ house, but Jesus stopped for this little woman.

– He is never too busy to help you.

Notice the CROWD stopped too!

– It was "POINTLESS" for the CROWD to go on WITHOUT Jesus!

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