Summary: Jesus touches those whom society has abandoned. No one is beyond the reach of Christ; and no one should be beyond the reach of the church either.

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In our text, Jesus meets a man with leprosy. This man had been abandoned by society. According to the laws and traditions of the day, leprosy reduced a man to nothing. Everywhere he went, he had to declare his uncleanness. No one would dare get close to him. Touching him was not even considered. Leprosy was both: incurable and contagious. Let us consider Jesus’ encounter with the leper.

I. An Awesome Confrontation to Behold.

The Divine and the dying.

The Lamb and the Lepr.

The Savior and the sinner.

The Master and the misreable.

The Lord and the Leper.

The Pure and the impure.

The Helper and the helpless.

The Rejected and the outcast.

The Annointed and the wounded.

The Best of Heaven and the worst of the earth.

The Deliver and the diseased.

The Redeemer and the repulsive.

II. The Proper Way to Approach the Lord.

A. Presentation (he came to Jesus)

B. Pleading (he came pleading)

C. Prostration (he came kneeling)

D. Prayer (he came praying)

III. The Right Way to Seek a Healing.

A. He acknowledged that Jesus could heal him. (I know that canst)

B. He acknowledged that Jesus was sovereign. (If Thou wilt)

C. He implies that no man but Jesus could heal him.

IV. The Power of Jesus’ Touch.

1. He removed the Leper’s hurt.

2. He restored his humanity.

3. He revived his hopefulness.

4. He reached him His hand. (What an extended hand)

5. He revolutionzed his head.

6. He rewarded him with a healing.

7. He reversed his history.

Conclusion: Remember; if you desire to touch Jesus, "Touch the least one of His." Jesus and the Leper were both contagious. Instead of Jesus catching the leper’s leprosy; the leper caught Jesus’s healing.

May God Bless and Keep You.

Pastor Rodney L. Johnson Sr.,

Historic Bethlehem Baptist Church

Hahnville, LA. 70057

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