Summary: After WTC tragedy in NY, a sermon preached about our security

The Towers in our lives

1. Tragedy in New York

---Shock, and horror



---Lessons from it.

2. How do we relate the happenings of this hour, to the Word of God?

Scripture: Luke 12: 54 -- 13: 5

3. Towers:

Build for ------- Safety

------- To protect us

------- Security - - use to give us security

------- To make a name (put us on the map) Gen 11: 4

Eiffel........Empire Sate building.......Statue of Liberty.......

Putting wordly things above the Things of God (we can become so good at doing it)

4. Towers in our own lifes:

--------- Money --- rich fool : Luke 12:13

---------- Status --- (Pharisee and the tax-collector)

---------- Religion – (Pharisees not able to accept God’s Son)

---------- Pride (fall of Lucifer)

---------- Stubbornness

5. I know the Holy Spirit has already convicted you, as you look at your own life tonight:

Your Tower might look indestructible tonight

But the Word warns tonight: 1 Cor 10: 12

6. Another warning comes from Scripture tonight:

Isaiah 59: 1 - 2

7. Start labouring tonight on the following

1 Cor 3: 9 - 16

8. Save in Jesus.....

Ps 23: Even if I walk in the Shadow of Death, I will not fear.......

9. 2 Samuel 22: 2 - 5 " And he said, The LORD [is] my rock,

and my fortress,

and my deliverer;

The God of my rock;

in him will I trust:

[he is] my shield,

and the horn of my salvation, my high tower,

and my refuge,

my saviour;

thou savest me from violence.

I will call on the LORD, [who is] worthy to be praised:

so shall I be saved from mine enemies.

10. Invitation:

Tonight you can change your man-made tower tonight for the Rock of Ages

To God all the Glory

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