3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: The third in a series of messages on godly marriage and family. This sermon focuses on expectations married spouses have of one another and how to increase true intimacy.

ƒ{ I started this series talking about storms

ƒ{ Today I want to continue that thought

ƒ{ How many have ever seen

"The Perfect Storm"

ƒ{ When two or more storms come together at the same time.

Read Acts 27:14-20, 44

Acts 27:14 (KJV)

But not long after there arose against it a tempestuous wind, called Euroclydon.

Acts 27:17 (KJV)

Which when they had taken up, they used helps, undergirding the ship; and, fearing lest they should fall into the quicksands, strake sail, and so were driven.

ƒ{ Euroclydon = An ancient word meaning

The gathering of southeastern

And northeastern winds

ƒ{ Creating

o Typhoon

o Whirlwind

o Hurricane

ƒ{ Have you ever felt like you're in a eurocyldon?

ƒ{ It's called the Perfect Storm

ƒ{ Its out to destroy your home.

ƒ{ Many times we think in order to survive the Perfect Storm

ƒ{ We must have the Perfect Spouse


* Always beautiful and cheerful

* Could have married any movie star, but only wanted you

* Beauty that won't run in a rainstorm

* Never sick...only allergic to jewelry and fur coats

* Insists that moving furniture by herself is good for her figure

* Expert in cooking...cleaning...fixing...painting house and keeping quiet (not nagging)

* Hobbies include...mowing the lawn...shoveling snow

* Hates charge cards

* Favorite expression..."What can I do for you dear?"

* Thinks you have an Einstein brain,...and a body like Mr. America

* Wishes you would go out with the boys more often so she can get some more sewing and ironing done.


* Speaks 140 words per minute with gusts up to 180

* She was once a model for a Totem Pole

* A light eater...as soon as it's light...she eats

* Where there is smoke...there she is 'cooking'

* She lets you know that you only have two faults:

1. Everything you say

2. Everything you do

* No matter what she does with her hair...it always looks like an explosion in a steel wool factory

* If you get lost...open your wallet and she'll find you


* He will be a brilliant conversationalist

* Very sensitive...kind...understanding...truly loving

* Very hard working

* Helps around the house

* Loves washing dishes...

* Vacuuming floors...and taking care of the yard

* Someone who helps his wife raise the children

* A man of emotional and physical strength

* A man as smart as Einstein

* And looks like Robert Redford


* A man who takes her to the restaurant...someday he may even take her inside

* He doesn't have any ulcers...he gives them

* Anytime he has an idea in his head

* He has the whole thing in a nutshell

* He's known as a miracle worker at home

* It's a miracle that he works at home

* He supports his wife in a manner that she is accustomed

* He's letting her keep her job

* He's such a bore...he even bores you to death giving a compliment

* He has occasional flashes of silence that makes his conversations brilliant

ƒ{ I am not sure we are always prepared for the storm

ƒ{ We know they will come

ƒ{ Bu we are not prepared when they do

ƒ{ Noah had a storm...

o But his family was saved

o Because he built for the things not seen

ƒ{ Not seen...

o When you use theprinciple of faith to build your home

o That means you can't wait for things to get better to act right

o Start acting right when things are still wrong

Many of you remember...

In 1971, singer and songwriter Don McLean

Released a song entitled, "American Pie."

The entire song was a tribute to Buddy Holly

And a commentary on how rock and roll

Changed as a result of Holly's death.

McLean seems to be lamenting the lack of

"dance-able" music in rock and roll during the

early 70s and in part at least attributing that

lack to the absence of Buddy Holly and the

other musicians who died with him.

- Richie Vales (La Bamba)

- The Big Bopped (Chantilly Lace)

McLean believed that Buddy Holly's death was

the single most significant tragedy in the

development and direction of rock and roll.

It was a watershed event.

When holly died, the future of the music died with him.

A death with culture-changing consequences.

ƒ{ I believe a much more significant kind of death with greater consequences...

...is happening right before our eyes

...it's the crash and death of marriage and family


I. The Hurt of Divorce

II. The Hindrance of Marriage

III. The Helps for the Home

I. The Hurt of Divorce

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