Summary: Jonah a seasoned Evangelist still needed to ge trained in some area.

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Training A Witness

Text: Jonah 1:1-4-4:11

I. Jonah’s Rebellion

a. A Divine Call 1:1 (The Word of the Lord)

b. A Direct Commission 1:2(Arise and go)

c. A Deliberate Choice 1:3 (Jonah didn’t go)

II. Jonah’s Running

a. The Fleeing - Why not stay?

b. The Fare – The cost was great!

1. Running from God is a pay now pay later plan.

2. The most expensive trip you will ever take is away from God.

c. The Forgetting – Sleeping

1. Rebellion

2. Backsliding

III. Jonah’s Repentance

a. The Conviction – 1:10

b. The Casting – 1:12

c. The Confession – 1:14-16

IV. Jonah’s Recommission – 3:1-3

a. The Second Chance – 3:1

b. The Same Commission – 3:2

c. The Short Sermon – 3:4

d. The Sack-Cloth – 3:5

V. Jonah’s Resignation

a. The Sulking – 4:1-3

b. The Surrender – 4:4-11

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