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Intro: What I would like to attempt do is put these two subject together, Transfer and Transcript / and If we keep our mind on the Morning we can make it through the night. And if you would just give me about few minutes I’ll be through. I would like to put emphasis TRANSFER AND TRANSCRIPT, because it deals with Brother Thompson. And the second half IF WE KEEP OUR MIND ON THE MORNING WE CAN MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT, because it deals with us.

Let’s deal first with transfer, the word transfer means to move from one place to another, to unoccupy one space and occupy another.

Brother Thompson did just that he has moved or transfer from one place to another place, he pulled off mortal and put on immortal, he exit corruption and put on incorruption, but before he made the transition he first made a transaction. I believe that he had a business conversation with God.

I can hear her saying to God, Master I read the words that your men servant wrote in 2nd Corinthians 5:1 and it said; for I know that if our earthly house of theses tabernacle were dissolved, that we have another building of God, a house not made by hands.

In other words, it coincides with 1st Corinthians 15: 40 when it says there are also celestial bodies, and there are terrestrial bodies. In other word there are heavenly bodies (celestial) and there are earthly bodies (terrestrial).

1. So you said that when this terrestrial body begins to have heart attacks, heart palpitation and heart murmurs you said that I’ve got another building.

2. You said that when this terrestrial body begin to go into strokes mode, when the body disfiguring deficiencies are taking over that I have another building.

3. You said that if Cancer begins to takes over, that if the cancer cells originate from genetic changes in a single cell that multiplies to form a clone of malignant cell and spreads throughout my body leaving me with day and nights of pain, and agony, you said that if this earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved to said that I could put in my request for a transfer. You said that I could transfer.

But before you transfer it is noted that even in school before you can transfer into another school your transcript must be transferred to the administrative office before you can even attend the school.

TRANSCRIPT? What good is the transcript Rev.? Well I’m glad you asked, because we need to know the importance of a transcript. A transcript tells your record it gives information such as your attendances, your grades, your attitude and your (GPA) grade point average.

And just like you had a transcript in school you have a transcript written down in the lamb’s book of life. It reveal if you have been attending church, it shows if you prayed or not, it unfolds if you were a hell raiser or not, how you treated your fellow man in other words it give an overview of who you are in writing before they ever even sees your face.

Some of you are holding a partial transcript in your hands of Brother Thompson it tells you of his record, and his record is that he confess hope in Christ he loved the Lord) it give you her attendance (he was faithful until his health begin to failed) and now he has moved, or transfer if you please, to new building, a building of God, a house not made with hands, one that is eternal in the heavens.

So if I could just talk to Brother Thompson for a minute, and I know that the living has no dealing with the dead.

But if I could just talk to him I believe that he would say that I’ve been with you all a long time now and I have earned my masters in the earthly school of hard knots, I’ve had my share of ups and downs, I’m through with the classes of been lied on, being accused and abused, and I must leave you all now because now I’m working on doctrine in heaven.


Some of us have the same problem that the disciple had in the 14th chapter of St. John when Jesus said let not your hearts be trouble ye believe in God believe also in me. And Jesus said boys I must leave I must go. One of the disciples asked him where are you going Jesus? He said I going away to prepare a place for you.

And I see the disciples saying nall Jesus don’t leave us. (I know that when people have been around you a long time it hard to let them go, as a matter of fact the song writer says it’s so hard to say good bye) But I can here Jesus I must leave because if I don’t leave the comforter cannot and will not come.

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