Summary: People can change us to an extent; however, God;s transformational love can chance us to the depths of our soul.

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• What is one thing that can change the course for life for a person? What can change one who is selfish and self-centered into a person who loves and puts others first?

• What is something that can change who and what we are?

• What changes the person who is leading a life of destruction into a person who has a heart and passion for Jesus?

• There are a lot of lonely, hurting people in the world who need something that God wants to offer to them.

• People need to know they are loved by God. We need to be the harbinger or the ones who carry that message to the world.

• Love can change people; God’s love can totally change us and everything about us.

• I know the love my wife has for me has changed me in many ways.

• Take a child and put them in a home where they are not loved and see what happens to the child when they grow up.

• I know the love we receive from other people can make a dramatic difference in one’s life; however the love we receive from God is transformational.

• The real change that happens at one’s core comes when one allows themselves to both realize and accept the love God has for them.

• When I gave my life to Jesus, He loved me, but He loved me too much to let me stay the way I was in the condition I was in.

• God’s love transformed me, God’s transformational love will transform anyone who allows it to touch them.

• Today as we continue with our journey through 1 John, we will examine three ways that God’s love transforms us into a new creation! Let’s begin with verse 1.

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1 John 3:1 (HCSB) Look at how great a love the Father has given us that we should be called God’s children. And we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it didn’t know Him.

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God’s transformational love transforms…

I. Who you are.

• God’s love is BEYOND wonderful!

• John begins this section by trying to get our attention. John is saying, “Quick, look” when he says “look how great a love…”

• One of the issues we need to get a grasp on is how great the love God gives to us really is.

• The word “great” signifies amazement, a sense of awe and wonder.

• If we are going to let God’s love have an affect on us, we must first realize how awesome His love is! The love we experience comes from the Father!

• Think about the love the world offers. More times than not it is conditional.

• When we think of the makeover shows, why do these people want to be made-over?

• It is because they do not feel loved and wanted because they are not thin enough, good looking enough, athletic enough to be totally accepted by the world.

• There have been studies that have been done to show that tall good-looking people will get jobs over people who are not so tall and good looking. The love the world has to offer is shallow.

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