Summary: This is a call to be hospitable and be heavenly minded


TEXT: Matt. 6: 19-21; Lk. 12: 32-34

First delivered 28th July 1996.



1. A call to hospitality

2. A call to be heavenly-minded


The report has been given about a man in Beijing, China, who, at 82 years of age, suffered a devastating financial loss.

Mistrustful of banks, he had dug a hole in the ground 5 years earlier and deposited his life savings in it. When the man needed some cash, he dug up the money. To his dismay, he discovered that it was moldy almost beyond recognition. He was able to salvage only about one-third of his savings. (Our Daily Bread, 27/7/91).

This talks about the corruptions that exist on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal.

But we do have a sure bank that cannot go distressed nor can moth and rust reach to destroy and where thieves cannot break in and steal.

Jesus was very sure of the condition in heaven that He showed us the business we should engage in to be sure of eternal dividends.

1. A call to hospitality, Lk. 12:32-34

Giving to charity here on earth makes you save an unfailing treasure in heaven, and you are sure of its eternal dividends.

Gal. 6: 9-10 gives us the Principles.

(a) Believe God for opportunities to do good unto others

(b) Do good to fellows believers

(c) Do good to all men

There is nothing you have that has not been given you. God has a plan and purpose of giving you that which you see as yours today. For that same reason you must use the provision.

We can learn lesson from God’s provision of the Manna from heaven for the Hebrews in the wilderness, Ex. 16:16-31

a. God’s Provision is for your immediate future need, v. 16, 21

b. Any excess you have is to meet your brother’s need or shortfall in demand, v 17 – 18

c. The excess can also be for your tomorrow’s need (Kept at God’s command), vv.22-24

Any provision that does not satisfy either of these purposes, got rotten, v.20.

Check these men that God entrusted with riches:

 The rich man in Lk. 12:16-21 was rich in material things but was not rich toward God.

See God’s judgment on him:

20 But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?

21 So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.

Foolish is that person whose “securities” are all material in nature. They will either fail or be left behind when we pass into eternity.

 The rich young ruler also missed the treasures of heaven, when he chooses his earthly possessions. Lk. 18:22-23, Mk. 10:21-22; Mt. 19:21-22. He preferred riches to the Savior.

 The rich man in Lk. 16 did not care for the beggar at his gate.

 But God will always have a witness. Joseph of Arimathea was an excellent example of how rich men should use their wealth.

This should lead us to the second point of the outline

2. A Call to be heavenly – minded, vv. 20,21; Col. 3:1-2.

Heaven is our home where a mansion is being prepared for you. We should therefore be home sick.

But its only those who have treasurer in heaven that will long for heaven. Many have their treasures here on earth and so heaven means little or nothing to them. Getting to heaven now is not a journey they are willing to undertake now or so soon. This is because they do not focus on the father.


The long walk of a father with a Lad. The lack of focus of the lad will delay the journey. Let’s move on with the father that our getting to heaven may not be delayed.

Another reason for not being heavenly minded could be because of ignorance of what awaits us in heaven.

What awaits you in heaven?

1. The Lord Jesus Himself. His presence shall make heaven glorious.

2. The saints of all ages. We’ll talk with Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Daniel, Job, Moses, etc.

3. Angels, especially your own Guardian angel

4. Joy. In the presence of God, there is fullness of joy. Ps. 16:11

5. Glory – He shall receive me to glory. Ps. 73:24

6. Pleasures in heaven – the “NO MORES’ – Rev. 21:4


7. Treasures in heaven

-Souls won, good deeds, services rendered, sacrifices of Love made for the master, etc.

Queen of Sheba told Solomon:

“……the one half of the greatness of thy wisdom was not told me: for thou exceedest the fame that I heard.” (2 Chr. 9: 6).

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