Summary: WHen we step out in faith we can count on the enemy setting up trip wires to cause us to fall.

Trip Wires

Matt. 14:25-33

In the time of war, troops would do all they could to sabotage the enemies advance. They would use Land mines, booby traps, snipers, etc. The most efficient and sneaky were the trip wires. They would be thin strong wire camouflaged along the ground just high enough to trip the passerby. These wires would often be attached to exploding devices so as to not only take out the one who tripped but also any companions with him. Satan is the same way, he looks for ways to trip us up and take us out, but not just us, he wants those around us as well. He wants to do the most damage with the least effort.

In this story we see Peter stepping out in faith. When we step out in faith we can count on many consequences.

I. When we step out in faith

1. We move

a. Peter moved out of the boat

b. By stepping out in faith the Israelites moved to the Promised Land

c. We see miracles happen, cancers gone, heart problems healed, relationships restored.

d. The Pemberton’s stepped out in faith and have a very successful mission today.

II. When we step out in faith we also see the enemy at work

1. Trip wires are set

2. He takes our eyes off Jesus and on to our circumstances

a. Peter took his eyes off Jesus and saw the wind and the waves and became afraid

b. Adam and Eve took their eyes off God and saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food, pleasing to the eye and desirable for gaining wisdom (Gen 3:8)

3. Some abandon the work for worldly gains

a. Demas abandoned Paul because he loved the world (2 Tim. 4:10)

b. Diotrephes loved being first more than anything else separated himself from the church and those who were a part of it. (3 John 9)

4. Paul warns us about this in Romans 16:17ff

III. When we step out in faith we are close to the Hand of Jesus

1. Verse 30 says Peter saw himself sinking and cried out LORD SAVE ME!

2. Verse 31 says IMMEDIATELY Jesus reached out and caught him.

a. When we cry out God acts instantly

b. When we are safe then he rebukes us

3. All we have to do is call out and reach out

Tommy Dorsey, a famous musician and composer, was called to play for a revival down south. His wife was about to give birth at that told him to go, even though he wanted to be with her in these last months of a tough pregnancy. While at the revival Tommy got a telegram informing him his wife had died in childbirth, and their son had not survived the birth. Tommy came home to bury his wife and child together. After about a year, battling depression and guilt one of his friends reached out to him, took him to the Chicago conservatory of Music, while there they prayed together, Tommy called out to the Lord to help him. It was there at that moment Tommy composed this song. “Precious Lord Take my Hand”

The Lord is waiting for you to take His Hand so he can save you.

Step out in faith and take his hand.

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