Summary: How David and Jonathan lived for each other


I Sam 18:1-4 David and Jonathan

By Rev. Andrew B Natarajan

“Be a friend or an enemy and not a traitor”

Friendship of David and Jonathan

Jonathan: Born as Kings’ son( I Sam 14:1). A man of faith and courageous man(I Sam 14:7-13).

David: Son of Jesse. Youngest of eight(I Sam 16:10-11,17:12). Beautiful(1Sam.16:12). God’s chosen, anointed person(I Sam.16:12-13). man after God’s own heart (I Sam.13:14). shepherd(I Sam.17:34-36). An athlete (I Sam.17:34-36), musician(I Sam.16:14-23), poet(Ps8), able general(2Sam.5:7) and Courageous man(I Sam 17:34-36). He was a mixture of good and bad.

Friendship of David and Jonathan

David and Jonathan became one in spirit(18:1), made covenant with each other, loved each other (I Sam.18:3 & 20:17). Jonathan loved David as his own soul(v.3), own spirit(v.1), own self(v.4). Jonathan gave everything to David - tunic, sword, bow, belt revealed everything to David(Jn.15:15). Their friendship was Beyond caste - Jonathan from Benjamin Tribe, David from Judah tribe. Beyond class – Ruler and subject. Beyond personal interest – willing to leave the kingship. Based on Spiritual values- understood God’s will on David and self.

“The Four Loves” book by C. S. Lewis. He says those are Storge, Philia, Eros and Agape. Philia: Love between friends. Lewis says, “The friendship is the strong bond existing between people who share common values, interests or activities”. Also he immediately differentiates friendship love from lovers love. David in his later days says “my friends avoided me’ (Ps.38:11).

Characteristics of True Friendship:

1. Loves at all times(Pr.17:17). Heman says friend went away from me(Ps.88:18). Everyone deserted Jesus and fled(Mk.14:50). Job’s intimate friends detested him(Job 19:19). Micah says don’t believe in false friend(Mic.7:5).

2. Helps to be best(Pr.27:17). Cherish in your old Friends(Pr.27:10). Psalmists says I am friend to all who fear God(Ps.119:63). Other things found in Christianity are Fellowship (Ac.2:42 & I Jn.1:7), Partnership in Gospel work(Phil 1:5).Band/organization of Worshippers (Mal.3:16).

3. Lays his life (Jn.15:13,14). Friendless person is a pathetic person (Eccl.4:10).

God’s friendship:

Enoch, Noah were friends of God. Abraham believed God (2 Chr.20:7, Jas 2:23).

Moses Nu12:8 - face to face.

Friends of Jesus- disciples(Jn. 15:15).

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