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Summary: True love's joy is expressed in our #1 Excitement for Each Other, #2 Praise for Each Other and #3 Companionship With Each Other.

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• Song of Songs (or Song of Solomon) was written by King Solomon & its name is taken from the first verse in the book, "Solomon's Finest Song."

1 Kings 4:32 - "Solomon composed 3,000 proverbs, and his songs numbered 1,005." - of the 1,005, this is his finest

• It is well known that King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines; 1,000 women in his life. How could he truly write about the perfect expression of love in marriage?

• Some believe Solomon wrote the Song of Solomon in his youth, the books of Proverbs in middle age, & the book of Ecclesiastes when he was old.

• Did he always follow everything in Proverbs? No

• When you look at the great people in the Bible you can see that God always calls and uses people, despite their failures, for His glory.

• The song truly is a love song in which every groom is King Solomon and every bride is a princess.

• The Song is poetry and should be taken symbolically, not historically.

• Song of Songs is classified as wisdom literature because it not only celebrates love, it also teaches love.

• So many times the Bible gives warnings and condemnations about sex; it addresses the abuses of sexual intimacy quite a bit.

• Song of Songs is not a series of warnings and consequences about the abuse of sex, however it is a celebration of love expressed rightly in marriage.

• During our study of the book of Song of Songs, we will see different aspects of true love.

• Today, we will see that true love's joy is expressed in our #1 Excitement for Each Other, #2 Praise for Each Other and #3 Companionship With Each Other.

• Prayer

#1 Excitement For Each Other

Song of Songs 1:1-8

• Remember, Song of Songs is actually a song. It is comprised of three parts: Man, Woman and Chorus. If you have some letters out beside the verses in your Bible, that is why.

• The song doesn't actually start until verse two where it abruptly starts with sudden excitement on the woman's part.

• She desires his kisses because just like wine, she imagines that they will be exhilarating and intoxicating at the same time.

• The comparison to wine continues in the second part of verse 2 where she states that his love, his caresses, is more delightful than wine.

• His love excites her senses, more than wine & more than perfume. (3a)

• Even the very mention of his name brings her delight. (3b)

• Because she has caught his eye over the others, she considers herself to be the luckiest woman in the world. She is his chosen one! (3c)

• Her desire is for him to hurry up and take her to his chambers; anticipation of their wedding night. (4)

• She calls him king, but remember, this is her king, not literally King Solomon; much of this book is symbolic.

• The chorus of women, her friends, now join in on the second part of verse 4 to celebrate the love that they have for one another; Obvious

• In fact, from verse 3c and 4 we can see that the chorus of ladies actually swooned over him.

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