Summary: False teachers are everywhere, but we need to understand that pastors of churches are not the only type of false teachers.

Is your preacher true or false? Is your family? Are you? See it is very simple, true = good, false = bad! There are bad people in the world and their sole purpose is to destroy you!

Read Matthew 7: 15-23

Jesus has just got through warning us about the path to destruction in the Sermon on the Mount, and now he is warning us how many people are trying to guide us down that wide destructive path. We have to combat these people at all costs and the best way to do that is to beware of them. Just like wolves hunt sheep, they hunt you! They disguise themselves as harmless, but are truly destructive.

So how do we combat these false teachers? You will know them by the life they live! Do they exhibit:

1. Faith, humility, and righteousness

2. Is the content of their teaching from God or from man?

3. What is the effect of their actions? Does it inspire or destroy?

See we have to understand that our fruit is the result of who we are, now it may take time to harvest that fruit but it will eventually show whether it is good or bad fruit. Our fruit will reveal what kind of tree we are, remember you can't get good fruit from a dead tree!

If your fruit is bad, then your tree is bad. If your fruit is good so is your tree. That is how it works, it doesn't work any other way.

What do you do with a bad tree? You cut it down and burn it. It is not enough to destroy just the fruit, you must destroy the source from whence it came. That is what God does, if we do not follow Him and produce good fruit, He will cut you down and cast you into the fire! IT IS THAT SIMPLE! If you pay close attention you will know a person by the good or evil they produce,

We must understand that acting like a Christian but not living it will not save you! Sunday Christians will not get it done, your faith must be shown in each and every day of your life. I once heard it said: "there are those that speak like angels, live like devils; have Jacob's smooth tongue, but Esau's rough hands."

All the impressive spiritual accomplishments mean nothing without true fellowship with Christ. The acts you do prove nothing if they are not for Christ, He must truly live in your heart. If preaching could save a man, Judas would not have been damned.

In the end there is only one basic thing for you need for salvation, to repent and know Jesus as your Lord and Savior! The gift He gives us is free, but if you choose not to accept it, He says "Depart from Me". What does that mean? It means leave me alone, your were never saved.

Can you imagine how terrible that would be, to be doomed to an eternity in Hell. There are people at every turn trying to trick and deceive you, it is important that you detect them. Satan is at every turn trying to get you to deny God, you must know God, know your bible and live the way you are supposed to. Get yo Heaven, don't burn in Hell!

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