Summary: ‘How much do you measure your love for God?’

Trumpet call!

Numbers 10: 10 “…in the beginnings of your months, ye shall blow with the trumpets over your burnt offerings, and over the sacrifices of your peace offerings; that they may be to you for a memorial before your God: I am the LORD your God.”

Beginning of the month, we are habitual in settling the milk, provisions bill and then clearing all the EMI’s meticulously which is done through electronic debit via the bank and then every bit of expenses are cleared before we finally look at the kitty and find nothing for God. Empty. No wonder we live in debts, unrest, sickness, barren and empty! We have shoved God behind in our lives. I have a lovely book in my room, the cover has the measuring scale designed on it, and the title is ‘How much do you measure your love for God?’ I keep referring to it every now and then to see where I stand in my love for God. Let this message speak with you!

At times I am asked: ‘should I give tithe? If so, how much? Should I give 10% on the take-home salary or the gross income? Where does the Bible talk about tithe? Should we do it? Oh, the pastors misuse the funds! I rather give it as charity than to the church…………” such are the comments. I have been bold to talk on this subject because as preachers we have the uphill task of taking the money that is going to the devil and pooling it into God’s work. I am doing this aggressively. A cleverly written/preached sermon on tithe, is not going to push us to part with our money, heaps of love for Him would do what hundreds of sermons on tithing would not do. Glory to Jesus! Are you listening? My business is to get you guys passionate towards God, so that instead of swapping your cars and mobiles for a brand new one that had come in the market and captured your heart, you would wholeheartedly put the money into the offering bag. Our money is being siphoned off by satan in the form of luxury, opulent life style, vanity and stupidity. Some of us do not even know the details of the money spent and the exorbitant interest charged by these financial institutions, in the form of the ‘devilish’ Credit card but we keep paying them blindly, after all we love to have them for all the ‘trash’ that we accumulate in the swanky trolley at the shopping mall. Think! How many plastics (credit cards) do you have by the way? Many Christians drop a few rupees as offering when they are blessed with a BMW or when their kids are born or during promotions, other days God is royally forgotten. Anybody listening?

Hear! Before the people of Israel left mount Sinai for the journey towards the promised land Canaan, God tells Moses, make two silver trumpets and blow them for: The Assembling of the Camps(people), The Journeying of the Camps(people),The Preparation of war and for the peace offering. Let us take the blowing of trumpet symbolic to ‘prayer’! Let me explain it in simple language, God wanted them to come together, pray and in the beginning of the month give Him the best offering and make Him happy and further He says, ‘they shall be as a reminder of you before your God. I am the LORD your God."

I heard a message on tithing on TV - not at church -while I was bedridden and also in severe financial crisis and I determined to tithe from the very next month, tough though, and I have been blessed immeasurably in my life and ministry.

Friend, even a cup of cold water shall have its reward! Have you given your tithes to God?

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