6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Contrasts the successful life of the person who trusts in God with the disastrous life of the one who trusts in man.


Jeremiah 17:5-8

I. Introduction

A. The choice between a curse and a blessing.

B. The Curse - Trust in man

1. Depends on the Flesh for Strength (17:5)

a. Flesh is the opposite of Spirit (Isaiah 30:1-3)

b. Relying on the world’s systems

i. economically

ii. for advancement

2. Turns his heart away from God

C. The Blessing - Trust in God - Confidence in him (17:7)

Recognizes his dependence on God for strength

1. Listens to the Spirit (Follows God’s Counsel) (Ps. 1:1)

2. Stays close to God - His source

II. The foundations of the two men

A. The one who trusts in man is like a bush in the desert. (17:6)

1. Shallow roots (Ps. 146:3,4)

2. Has no connection to the source of life.

B. The one who trusts in God is like a tree by the waters. (17:8)

1. Deep roots

2. Connected to the source of life

C. The opportunity for transplantation

III. The fixed state of the two men

A. Illustration - Mortgages

B. The one who trusts in man (17:6)

1. Good will come

2. He will not benefit from it.

C. The one who trusts in God (17:8)

1. Bad times will come.

2. They will not affect him (Ps 91)

IV. The fruitfulness of the two men

A. The one who trusts in man (17:6)

1. Complete barrenness (Mt. 3:10; Lk 3:9; Jn. 15:2)

2. He’s in the place of God’s judgment (Deut. 29:23)

B. The one who trusts in God (17:8)

1. Constant fruitfulness

2. No anxiety

V. Conclusion

c. 2000

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