Summary: The only one we can fully trust is the Lord.

Text: “Trust in the LORD with all your heart….” (Proverbs 3:5).

Trust in the Lord. Do you really trust in the Lord? What does it mean to trust? To trust means that you have complete confidence in a person or in a thing. Children have complete trust in their parents.

In other words, there is no doubt children believe their parents are telling or showing them something right. In their heart, children do not even consider that their parents would lead them in the wrong direction.

We have all seen children jump into the arms of mom or dad. They have complete trust that mom or dad will catch them and not let them fall. When a child is learning to ride a bicycle, the parent will say, “Keep your hands on the handle bar, your eyes straight ahead, and keep peddling, I’m not going to let you fall.” The child trust the parent will not let them fall and get hurt. The result is that they learn to ride the bicycle.

Married couples place their trust in their spouse. They are the best of friends and know they can count on each other under all circumstances. There is no fear of any kind. The things they tell each other can be taken as the truth.

Employers trust the people who work in their organization. A congregation has confidence in its pastor. A policeman has the utmost assurance that his or her partner will be there if they need help.

A fireman relies on his co-workers to drive the truck safely, turn on the water after the hose is dragged near the fire, raise the ladder on the ladder truck, and assure backup as the building is entered.

School teachers trust their principal or superintendent to make the right decisions enabling them to carry on their work of teaching. Patients place a great deal of confidence in what their doctor tells them. When people go to the booth to vote, they vote for the person whom they trust.

When we say we trust people, we are saying we have complete confidence in them, we totally rely on their word, we have faith in them, and we can depend on them to remain true to us. The bridge of trust is a solid connection between us and the other person. When an event happens that breaks that positive connection and weakens the bridge then distrust becomes a reality.

Have you ever said to a person, “Trust me?” We have probably used those two words. Sometimes a person will tell us something, gossip, and then tell us not to tell anyone else. We say, “Trust me, my lips are sealed.” Do you know what we do? Right! We tell someone else and they tell us the same thing, “Trust me.”

We share confidential information with our physician, our pastor, our family, our attorney, and our close friend. We share this information because we trust these people. If this confidentiality is broken the trust is lost and problems occur.

There are some people we can place our confidence in and there are others that we cannot trust. We must be careful of what we share with people, because we never really know who we can trust.

Is there anyone you can trust fully all the time? The answer is “Yes!” Who is this person that is so trustworthy? This person is none other than our Lord, our Savior, and our God.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5). When we trust someone, we are placing the weight of our thoughts upon the shoulders of another person. We may be carrying a burden we want to share with someone. When we share a burden, our load becomes lighter, but care must be taken to share it with the right person.

At times, we are faced with making an important decision, but feel as though we need direction. Is there anyone we can trust? The only one we should trust is God because he knows what is best for us. He will never guide us in the wrong direction. Since He created us, He knows us inside and out.

Many times we rely upon our own understand and decide to follow our own thoughts. Scripture tells us we are making an error. We are to trust only in the Lord and not in ourselves. We are to go to God in prayer with all of our issues. It could be a big issue or a small issue, but it doesn’t make any difference to God, He is ready and willing to help us if we will only place our trust in Him.

In our Scripture reading, we are told that Jesus crossed by boat to the other side of the lake. When He arrived, there was a crowd waiting for Him. People gathered around Jesus because they were eager to hear what He had to say. They went out of their way indicating they placed their trust and confidence in what He was doing and what He had to say.

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