Summary: Through our struggles as the righteous, the wicked shall not prosper

"TRUST THE LORD" PSALM 37: 8~ 19 What a struggle it's been since the October Floods for our State, County and Damascus Missionary Baptist Church. We still are believing God for an even GREATER RECOVERY. The process is slow but the progress is guaranteed. Israel in David's day faced similar difficulties. Many righteous people saw the wicked prospering at their expense. We cry out for help and despair fills some hearts. Why, do God permit these things to happen as I try to do right? They became filled with anger and worry which only leads to deeper trouble. But the psalmist suggests we trust the Lord for help. He knows that God alone gives VICTORY. True happiness comes from the Lord, not worldly desires. Ultimately the wicked will destroy themselves while the Lord upholds the righteous. We wait patiently for the Lord to move on our behalf. God, our help in ages past and our hope for years to come, sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to live as we now live and die for the whole worlds sins that we might gain eternal life. He freely gives us trust in His promises. So lay ALL worries and anger aside, and put your trust in the Lord forever.

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