Summary: Some kids are as different as night is from day! Their attitude, their affections, it makes you wonder if they are from the same family. We too are different & it can affect the outcome of our finding and discovering the forgiveness of God.

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I. illus. It’s amazing how different our own kids can be. One likes it hot while the other likes it cold. One may resemble you and th other their mother. Strange isn’t it!

We all are different come to think of it. Sometimes it can be a bad thing. For example when our attitude doesn’t match God’s required response to His offering of forgiveness the results can be tragic.

A. In Luke’s Gospel he presents to us two people with two different attitudes toward God’s forgiveness. One NEW he needed it and the other thought HE did too without recognizing his OWN need!

Let’s examine the outcome of the following:

Main Division

I. The Purpose Of This Story (vs 9)

II. The People In This Story (vs 10a)

III. The Pharisee In This Story (vs 10b-12)

IV. The Publican In This Story (vs 13-14)

Conclusion: The question is, which one are you?

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