Summary: Following Christ is not that seems so smooth sailing or easy. Sometimes as we go through we have experienced storms and difficulties that just overwhelmed us

Trusting Christ through Life’s Storms

Mark 4:35-41

September 9, 2007

Sermon series: Following Christ


Today’s message is third in our sermon series: Following Christ. In our previous sermon we have learn that following Christ is to Place Christ above all others; Sacrifice our personal goal; Lay our possession to Him. Following Christ likewise cost us something. It cost out personal “comfort zone”; it requires self-denial and sacrifice; it cost our personal priorities; and it cost our personal relationship.

So brethren following Christ is not that seems so smooth sailing or easy. Sometimes as we go through we have experienced storms and difficulties that just overwhelmed us. Sometimes we are busy in our work, in our school, and in our family and something go wrong...

Brethren there are different things in life that can throw us over the edge. Sometimes we’re exhausted and been weary that seems things are out of control. This pit of despair cause us to feel as if we are overwhelmed before we know what’s going on we feel we are out of control. We can’t do much better with our own strength.

So, life seems chaotic. Ever you felt like that? Sometimes we’re out of control? Because of such magnitude we tend to ask, “Why these things happen? Then we come to the point of asking the question: Does God really cares what I feel? Is He really concern about me? I’m drowning in this storm of life?

Brethren, this is the kind of situation we find in the life of the disciples here in our text. They experienced lives that hang in the balance. They have been STRETCH to the limit.

This brief event in the earthly life of our Savior and the disciples is recorded by the Holy Spirit three times. He intends for us to remember it and learn by it. The story is written for our learning and admonition, that we might be prepared for the storms of life.

Proposition: It is easy for us to look at the storms of life, the difficulties, the hardships; but we have to trust Christ has power even over nature and our circumstances.

Before we proceed to the message let’s have some observations.


A. At Evening – the day had been exhausting for Jesus. He was tired. Luke and Mark account of the event suggest that Jesus has spent a full day teaching and preaching the parables.

B. He went to shore (v.35) – Jesus said “Let us go to the other side.” As been pointed out, Jesus had been teaching all day to a crowd of people. The crowd was so big and pressing that they had forced Him off the shore. It strains the strongest nerves. The fatigue and exhaustion of His Body were seen in the fact that left immediately to the shore.

Hampton Keathley IV , Th.M. commented:

It says they took Him “Just as He was.” “Just as he was” probably means he was exhausted. After all, He fell asleep in the boat. He needed to rest after a long day of preaching. Here we see His humanity emphasized.

C. Other ships went also (v.36) – This is an interesting note. Matthew and Luke did not include this statement in their account. Mark adds that to reassure us that what happened during that journey was not an hallucination.

“these seem to be ordered in providence to be in company, that they might be witnesses of the after miracle.” (John Gill commentary)

D. A great storms (v.37) – The idea is that the wave repeatedly throwing themselves into the ship. In Matthew account uses the word “tempest” (KJV). The idea in Greek is something like a violent earthquake.

“Tempest” comes from the Greek word si’-o. Apparently a primary verb; to rock (vibrate, properly sideways or to and fro), that is, (generally) to agitate (in any direction; cause to tremble); figuratively to throw into a tremor (of fear or concern): - move, quake, shake.

C. The boat was filled with water (37b) – The idea is that the boat was filled to the full with sea water. Sea of Galilee is very shallow and very large. Just a little wind will make 6 foot waves. Imagine at night in a storm there would be 10 to 12 foot waves at least. The disciples knew that the capsized boat means death. Remember the storms happen at night.

D. Jesus slept (v. 38) – While the disciples lives were in jeopardy, Jesus Christ was in the back of the boat sleeping. It shows here the humanity of Jesus Christ. He was exhausted and He got to sleep.

E. He awoke and rebukes the wind (v.39) – Jesus Christ demonstrates that He is the ruler of the storm.

F. He rebukes the disciples (v.40-41) –

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