Summary: This is a sermon that teaches us how to trust God in the times of trouble.

Trusting God In A Time Of Trouble

Job 13:15

15 Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him:

Sometimes a preacher will find one of those sermons that is just absolutely inspirational.

It will move you and stir something inside of you to be all you can for Jesus.

Every once in a while he will find one of those passages that is just rip roaring rip snorting.

And he will rare back and do everything but spit his tonsils to the back wall.

I like that kind of preaching. I enjoy that.

Sometimes a preacher will take a text and come and try to encourage somebody to keep going and not to bail out on God and not to stop serving Him,

And then sometimes you will take a text like we just read and you just come to pastor people.

Sometimes you take a verse out the word of God and bring a thought to the pulpit because you know the mood and condition of the congregation.

And that is all I have done this morning.

Because I know that, there are a lot of people in this place this morning that are going through the fire.

They are going through brokenness / loneliness, and discouragement.

They have faced some things this week or recently that was absolutely devastating to them.

So I want to do everything I can this morning just to be their Pastor.

Now that doesn’t mean that I ain’t going to rare back and do all I can to preach.

From this verse I want to preach for just a little while today on this thought.

Trusting God In A Time Of Trouble

When God is all you’ve got. He is all you need.

Don’t ever forget that.

Here before us we study the man by the name of Job.

Job is not remembered for his TRIUMPHS.

He is remembered for his TRIALS .

It seems like when there are difficulties in the life of the believers that God always reminds us of the book of Job.

And can I say that Job is not a fairy tale. He is not some fake fictitious figure of the past.

Job was a real man. That lived in a real world. That faced real problems and fought a real devil. Job was a man of flesh and bone just like you and I.

He faced problems and storms and great difficulty in his life.

But Job said in the midst of his storm in the midst of his battle “I will trust in Him”

Aren’t you glad today that we have somebody that we can lean on and look too and listen for in the days of trouble in our life?

If you study the book of Job you will find that there are five things that happened in his life.

You’ll Find that:

Disaster Took His Fortune – In 1 24 hr period Job lost everything that he had ever worked for his entire life. In one day it was all gone.

I have learned along the way that it does not pay to trust in material things because you can loose them in a flash, you can loose them in a moment.

I believe that we would all do well to say with the song writer that “my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ Blood and righteousness”.

Praise God that is something that affliction and the storm and the winds of adversity can not strip from the Child of God.

My Salvation and my position in Jesus Christ that is off limits to the world and the flesh and to the devil. (I can loose my STUFF / But I can never loose my soul)

Disease Tortured His Flesh – He broke out in boils and he began to suffer from a physical standpoint.

I heard a man say that other day that if you are saved and are filled with the Holy Ghost that you will never have a headache. I thought to myself how in the world is a man going to be married to a woman and never have a headache. (Can I get a witness)

He said that if you are saved and in the will of God that you would never have the flu.

Can I just tell you today that being Saved and Sanctified does not exempt you from pain or suffering.

These bodies are not made to last forever in fact the great Apostle Paul said “though the outward man perisheth the inward man is renewed day by day”

Some of greatest Christians I know and have known have had to go through the valley of suffering.

Death Touched His Family – Job knew what it was like to stand by the grave of not one but 10 of his most precious family members.

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